Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cheats

Tiger Tiger Medals (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cheats)

Unlock Poppi through the main story and have access to Tiger Tiger

Unlockable How to Unlock
*Easter Egg* No Kill Medal Do not kill any enemies
Crystals Medal Collect all ether crystals
Damage Medal Take no damage
Perfect Medal Take no damage, collect all ether crystals, and collect all treasure chest
Treasure Medal Collect all treasure chest without losing any


Development Level Up (Easy)

Raise the “Development Level” of one of the Titans to 5 Star through “Salvaging” and “Exchange” (Torigoth preferably). This can be done by buying as much Silver Cylinder as you can, salvage it all, then exchange them for G (money). Repeat til Development Level for said Titan is at 5 Star. At 5 Star Development Level, purchasing price (5 Star Titan) is identical to sell back price (any other Titan). Now purchase 99 stacks of Normal, Silver, and Gold Cylinder (doesn’t appear til after you finish Ch.4) from the 5 Star Titan you already have and sell them to a different Titan that you want to develop with no net loss. Repeat til Development Level is at 5 Star.


Tiger Tiger secret areas (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cheats)

For all of the examples, touch the edge of the screen indicated by a series of suspicious looking parts next to it. You’ll be teleported to the secret room where you can obtain lots of ether crystals.

Stage 1: Left wall, two small blocks close to each other.

Stage 2: Right wall, two ether crystals next to the edge and an ambush lobster looming above it.

Stage 3: Left wall, two small blocks close to each other, two jellyfish outside of it.

Stage 4: Left wall, three urchins in a column.

Stage 5: Left wall, three urchins closing on the edge underneath a bubble row obstacle.


Raise Trust easily (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cheats)

The easy, fast way is to repeatedly use consumables (putting an item in your Driver’s pouch). Each consumable has a set amount of trust with 21 as the most. The consumable will give trust to each active blade on the Driver at the start of the timer. You can use more consumables without waiting for the first one to expire. It is best to use a type of consumable that no one in your setup likes (to avoid dialogue delays).

Example: Rex has Pyra, Roc, and Perceval as active blades. None of them like meat. Purchase 40 meat dishes (such as Fragrant Samod Stralu that will give 18 trust). Go to your Pouch setup menu and select the pouch. The meat dish you bought should be at the top. Hit A and then A again to accept. If you keep hitting A afterward, the game will keep putting the meat dish in your pouch without significant delays. Repeat process until you get your desired trust level.

As of Patch 1.2.0, any audio dialogue may now be skipped, so any food type may be used without delays.