Dead Cells Cheats and Tips



What Is Dead Cells? (Dead Cells Cheats and Tips)

Dead Cells is a 2018 title that has sometimes been called a roguevania. This is because it is a Metroidvania that incorporates roguelike elements. For example, the player will lose both their items and their currencies when killed. Similarly, the levels are generated by combining predesigned sections before populated with random enemies. On the whole, Dead Cells was well-received, thus making it something that interested individuals might want to check out.

What Are Some Tips For Dead Cells?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Understand Your Defensive Options (Dead Cells Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals have a roll that can be used for getting out of the way of incoming attacks. As such, it is very useful. However, it has a couple of drawbacks. One, the roll can remove the player from one perilous position before putting them in another perilous position. Two, the roll will disrupt the player’s momentum.

Thanks to this, interested individuals should also consider bringing a shield with them. This will provide them with the ability to block as well as the ability to parry. Generally speaking, the ability to block isn’t particularly exciting. It is better than being smashed in the face with full force. Unfortunately, that is a very low hurdle to step over. Meanwhile, the ability to parry is much more useful. In part, this is because of the effects that can kick in with a successful parry, which will vary from shield to shield. However, the most important part is that the player can parry an incoming attack before resuming their offensive with minimal interruption, thus enabling them to put out much higher DPS than otherwise possible. The issue is that successful parries require a good sense of timing as well as a good understanding of the enemies, meaning that interested individuals should get started on mastering them sooner rather than later.

Crowd Control Abilities Are a Must (Dead Cells Cheats and Tips)

Combat in Dead Cells is fast and dangerous. As a result, interested individuals should do their best to avoid fighting multiple enemies at the same time, which can prove to be a very overwhelming experience. The player should always have something that can either stun, freeze, or even slow their enemies, thus enabling them to separate their enemies into a series of one-on-one encounters as much as possible. Failing that, interested individuals can also use their superior mobility to escape the scene, though they should know that there are some advanced enemies that will pursue them.

Use Your Items (Dead Cells Cheats and Tips)

The player can expect to run into items on a regular basis. They might be tempted to save their collected items for their moments of need. However, interested individuals should feel free to use their items rather than hoard their items. Simply put, they won’t get to keep their items when they get killed, so it is better for them to use their items rather than lose their items. This doesn’t mean that interested individuals will want to be wasteful, but this is definitely not one of those cases when it is better to stay on the side of caution.