DC Universe Online: World of Flashpoint Trailer


Watch DC Universe Online: World of Flashpoint Trailer

DC Universe Online has a new episode called World of Flashpoint. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was inspired by the Flashpoint storyline. As such, interested individuals should expect a very different scenario compared to the baseline for DC Comics settings. For example, its Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne. Instead, its Batman is Thomas Wayne, who has a more brutal approach than his son. Meanwhile, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at the heads of Atlantis and New Themyscira, which are locked into a vicious war with one another.





In any case, World of Flashpoint contains a fair amount of new content such as a new gear, new raids, and new open world missions. As such, interested individuals might want to jump in sooner rather than later so that they can get their hands on their most desired items. Having said that, most of the new, non-event content will be available to everyone on a permanent basis free of charge.

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