Axiom Verge Cheats

Axiom Verge Cheats

Passcode Tool Codes

These passcodes can be entered into the Passcode Tool found in Zi to produce the following effects.

Effect Code
DALKHU-SUBTUM Opens a hidden room in Eribu.
DINGER-GISBAR Opens a second hidden room in Eribu.
IKKIBU-LABIRU Opens a third hidden room in Eribu.
ISKART-EHANZU Opens a hidden room in E-Kur-Mah.
REVEAL-SUDRAN Translates all notes written in Sudran.
REVEAL-VYKHYA Translates all notes written in Vykhya.



Once you acquire the ability to enter Passwords in the pause menu enter the classic password from the original Metroid “JUSTIN BAILEY”. Once entered, Trace will appear in a one piece bathing suit and matching shoes, just like Samus did in Metroid. This does nothing other than add the aesthetic change unlike in Metroid where it gave a weapons, map progress, and extra energy tanks.