Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Cheats

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Cheats

File Name passwords

Enter in the password as your file name when starting a New Game

Effect Password
“A Kinda Funny Mask” TEAMFAT
“Hey I’m Grump” Egoraptor
“I’m Not So Grump” Grumps
Big Head Mode BIGHEAD
Clockwork Blade JEPSON
Darkness Descends ALPHAOMEGASIN
Dominus Akuma
Dungeonite Sword DUNGEONITE
Final Hour – Weapon TheSpeedGamers
Game Sack Strip 8MEGAPOWER
Guardian Egg Helm EGGFARM
Mega64 Helmet Jarvis Meower
Plague Doctor Face swimmingbird
Sicilian Slicer STEPHENPLAYS
Space Helmet chuggaaconroy
Unlock Hard/Nightmare modes from the begining. NIGHTMARE


Equip Bloodbringer as both a weapon and familiar

Create a Shortcut with Bloodbringer as the weapon but leave the familiar shard blank. The rest of the set doesn’t matter. Next unequip your weapon and set Bloodbringer as a familiar. Then switch to the Shortcut you made. (You can also then save a new Shortcut with both set to make this quicker in the future.) The reason this works is because the game won’t change some of your currently equipped gear/shards if there’s nothing to change to in that gear/shard slot.

Gebel’s Glasses (Infinite MP)

If you collect 100% of shards, go to Arvantville and enter Johannes room, there you’ll see a chest in the middle of the room that contains Gebel’s Glasses. When equipped, your MP will not deducted by your spells.

Infinite Ammo

Complete all of Susie’s cooking quests and you will be rewarded with a hat that when worn doesn’t deplete any of your ammo which you equip.

Play as Different Enemies

Gaining particular items or shards from certain enemies unlock them as playable.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Lili Obtain Bunny Morphosis shard from Lili
Shovel Knight Obtain EX Shovel Armor from Shovel Armor

Fight the Librarian

If you borrow the Tome of Conquest at the Librarian O.D. and head to a room located at Glacial Tomb (more specifically two rooms to the left of the area’s warp portal), you will be met by the Librarian himself, ready to enact punishment for not returning his valuable book! he is fairly strong, but beating rewards the player with a shard that allows for stopping time. Also, if you return to his library after beating him, he will be wearing a costume mask and will let the player “pillage” his books (I.E. borrow all the books at once).

Solomon’s Ring

In order to unlock this ring, which, when equipped, increases the drop rates of shards, complete all 15 “In Memory Of” quests located at the beginning of the starting village. The last quest will reward you with this ring.