DC Universe Online Cheats and Tips


What Is DC Universe Online? (DC Universe Online Cheats and Tips)

DC Universe Online is a MMO in a DC Comics-based setting. Essentially, interested individuals create an original character before getting involved in the action as either a hero or a villain. The game is free-to-play, thus making it very easy for people to see what it is like.

What Are Some Tips For DC Universe Online?

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There Are Four Roles (DC Universe Online Cheats and Tips)

There are four main roles in DC Universe Online, which would be DPS, Healer, Tank, and Controller. DPSes are the ones responsible for doing as much damage as possible as fast as possible. Meanwhile, both Healers and Tanks are responsible for keeping their teams alive. The first does so by restoring health, while the second does so by getting their enemies to attack them rather than their squishier teammates. As for Controllers, they are supposed to keep their teammates’ power bars topped up while both buffing allies and de-buffing enemies. Be warned that some roles require specific power-sets. For example, Healers need either Celestial, Electricity, Nature, Sorcery, or Water. Similarly, Tanks need either Atomic, Earth, Fire, Ice, or Rage. On top of this, Controllers need either Gadgets, Mental, Munitions, or Quantum.

Don’t Get Too Stressed Out About Your Build Choices

Build choices have a huge effect on a player-character’s capabilities. As a result, it is understandable for interested individuals to put a lot of thought into them. However, they shouldn’t get too stressed-out about the whole process because there is a Re-Spec Device for skill points as well as Re-Spec Devices for other build choices. Interested individuals shouldn’t make too much use of them because the costs will add up. However, they are definitely an option for those who have become dissatisfied with their build for whatever reason.

You Can Get Skill Points By Getting Feat Points (DC Universe Online Cheats and Tips)

Skill points will make a player-character more capable. Leveling-up is the simplest and straightforward way to get skill points. However, interested individuals can also get skill points by getting feat points, which are handed out for completing extra challenges. Examples include but are by no means limited to exploring the map, collecting style sets, and completing missions under certain time limits. Every 100 feat points mean one new skill point, so interested individuals should start collecting sooner rather than later.

Do Your Maintenance (DC Universe Online Cheats and Tips)

Gear has durability in DC Universe Online. This is important because it means that interested individuals can wind up with broken gear, which will impair their performance. As such, a player should always repair their gear when this happens. This might be expensive, particularly for someone who is starting out. However, keeping themselves in top condition is very much worthwhile.

The First 30 Levels Can Be Considered an Extended Tutorial

The first 30 levels can be considered an extended tutorial. As such, interested individuals should use that period to familiarize themselves with the mechanics, thus enabling them to proceed to the rest of the game with a running start rather than an awkward stumble. It is possible for interested individuals to complete the first 30 levels on their own. However, a fair amount of the later content is going to require teamwork, which is perhaps unsurprising for a MMO.