Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Cheats

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Cheats

Item and Cash Duping – Local Co-Op Version

When playing in local co-op, the following procedure can be used to duplicate anything that you could normally trade with another player.

Have the player whose account you’re playing on (the host) initiate a trade with the other player (the guest). Trade anything you want duplicated from the guest’s character to the host’s character. As soon as the trade is complete, hold down the PS button on the guest’s controller, go to power, and select “log out of PS”. The guest character will leave the game before the game can save the changes to their profile. Save the game as the host. Both characters now have the traded items and/or money.

If you wish to duplicate something that the host character is holding, you simply need to trade it to the guest first and save the game, before performing the above process.

Borderlands 2 Cheats


  • Extra Wub

    To unlock extra wub, go to the title screen(where it says push start) and do the konami code, up up down down left right left right O X start. Under gameplay it will unlock extra wub, but sorry, it does literally nothing.

Item Duping

Get 2 players, then go into trade with each other. put the gun you want to trade then duel for it. Once you are into duel, drop the weapon you are trading for and let the other player pick up that weapon. Once that happens, win the duel. You win the weapon and the other player has the weapon.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Cheats


  • Mario Stage on Tycho’s Ribs

    An elevator is encountered to the left, just before entering the cave leading toward the cannon, that opens the shielded barrier. Stand on the elevator and wait until it brings you all the way up. You’ll find yourself on the Mario Stage.

    At the second area you’ll have to climb your way up to get to the third area.