Dragon Age: Inquisition Cheats

Dragon Age: Inquisition Cheats

Infinite Chest Loot

It is simple. Don’t take all the items from a chest or anything that has inventory in it. Then travel to another area and then when you come back it will have different loot. This is great for finding rare schematics.

Item Duplication + Infinite Skill points + Unlimited Gold (Pre-Patch)

Once you can enter to Skyhold go into Undercroft (the place where you can make you own weapons and armors) and use the Storage Chest.

Storage all the items you want to duplicate first (this works only on Weapons, armors, accessories and upgrades. You can’t use this method for crafting materials)

Once you have all the things you want to duplicate inside, change from “Inventory” to “Storage” and find the specific item you want to duplicate and press “X” and “O” simultaneously.

If worked correctly you will have the item in your inventory as well as in the Storage.

This works well with all the Amulets, Rings, weapons and more, so, If you have an “Amulet of Power” for any of your Characters, you can duplicate it and have unlimited skill points for that char.

This also works wonders for selling those expensive Rings and Amulets you find after killing a boss, so this is great for unlimited Gold.