Godstrike Cheats and Tips


What Is Godstrike? (Godstrike Cheats and Tips)

Godstrike is a very unusual shooter. After all, it is not just a bullet hell but a boss rush bullet hell, which isn’t the kind of thing that one sees everyday. On top of that, Godstrike stands out even more because time serves as its health.

What Are Some Tips For Godstrike?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Time Is Health (Godstrike Cheats and Tips)

To elaborate, there is no health bar in this title. Instead, each hit will cost some of the player’s remaining time, which is a huge problem when said resource is already running out on its own. As a result, interested individuals can’t afford to take hits in Godstrike anymore than they can in other bullet hells.

There Are Powers that Can Use Up Time

Speaking of which, there are powers that can use up time as well. Sometimes, this will be worthwhile. Other times, not so much. Interested individuals should experiment with the full range of powers that are available to them, which should enable them to pick out the ones that are well-suited for their particular play-style. Different bosses can have very different patterns. Thanks to that, it is a good idea to master different load-outs for different bosses.

Abilities Will Not Use Up Time (Godstrike Cheats and Tips)

Conveniently, the player can also bring four abilities that won’t use up time. Once again, interested individuals should experiment to see which ones are well-suited for them and which ones are not. Boosting movement speed is always useful in bullet hells, with Godstrike being no exception to the rule. However, interested individuals need to familiarize themselves with their new speed. Otherwise, even their smallest misjudgments can send them careening into incoming projectiles because bullet hells have either no or next-to-no margin for error.

Be Cautious Before Being Bold (Godstrike Cheats and Tips)

Initially, a new pattern can seem very intimidating. After all, the player has no way of knowing what will be coming their way, meaning that they will be in a state of suspense throughout the pattern. As a result, it is a good idea for interested individuals to be cautious whenever they encounter a new pattern because their first priority should be familiarizing themselves with it as much as possible. It will be wonderful if they can overcome the new pattern on their first try. However, they shouldn’t get frustrated by failure because they are winning so long as they are learning, which should increase their chances of success on subsequent attempts. Once interested individuals have a good understanding of the pattern, they can be as bold as they like.

Try to Reposition After Each Dodge

It is a good idea for the player to try repositioning after every dodge. Essentially, they want to be in a position that offers multiple avenues of escape. This is important because they don’t want to dodge one bullet before putting themselves in the path of another bullet, which is something that can happen when the player is too focused on immediate threats and not enough on imminent threats. Having said that, repositioning is something of a luxury, meaning that there will be plenty of times when interested individuals have no choice but to pull off successive dodges.