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Everybody’s Golf Cheats


Custom Clubs

Finish rank 6

More expensive bait

After making it to the Special Rank, a Revenge VS character will appear each day. If you get the fisherman Kato and beat him, you’ll unlock the two extra bait needed to catch the rare fish to fill out the encyclopedia and hopefully get rare Triple Precision Balls.

Revenge VS characters

After finishing Rank 6, a Revenge VS character will come once every day for you to face.

Even if you lose the match, you can still challenge the same VS character again like in other ranks.

You can get a different Revenge VS character by quitting the application and opening it again. This is useful if you want to get Kato out of the way for the more expensive bait when you beat him. Once you let the game auto-save, you’re stuck with that character for the day though.

Secret VS Characters

Secret VS opponents you can face after special conditions are met. Only one secret VS character can be played against at a given time. If a second unlocks and you have one to play against, they will be waiting in the wings until you defeat the first character unlocked.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alice 20 eagles in official rounds. Can be done anytime.
Eve 1 Condor in an official round. Special Rank only.
Hassan 5 Albatrosses in official rounds. Special Rank only.
Hikari Participate in 120 or more tournaments and after defeating Suzuki. If 120 tournaments comes before Suzuki, must do 1 more tournament afterwards.
Ivan 50 eagles in official rounds and defeated Kamilla in Rank 6. If 50 eagles comes before Kamilla, must get 1 more eagle afterwards.
Melissa 3 Condors in official rounds and after defeating Eve. If 3 condors comes before Eve, must get 1 more condor afterwards
Shuri 100 birdies in official rounds and have defeated Lena in Rank 3. If 100 birdies is achieved before Lena, must get 1 more birdie afterwards.
Souha 150 birdies in official rounds and have defeated Jason in Rank 6. If 150 birdies comes before Jason, must get 1 more birdie afterwards.
Suzuki Participate in 80 or more tournaments. Special Rank only.
Thomas 50 birdies in official rounds. Can be done anytime.