Hot Shots Tennis Cheats


Hot Shots Tennis Cheats



To unlock following courts win the following matches:

Unlockable How to Unlock
Aloha Beach Tennis Court Beat Ashley (aka Yelena) in Beginners Class
Grand Palais Indoor Court Beat Kent (aka Ryu) and Will in Japan Class
Miyabi Tennis Grove Beat Cody (aka Yuki) in Semi-pro Class
Nakagawa River Courts Beat Jun and Ashley (aka Yelena) in Amateur Class
Queen’s Tennis Garden Beat Carol and Gloria in World Class
Temple of Olympia Court Beat Momoko in Semi-pro Class
West Prairie Tennis Court Beat Big Chief (Rock Bull) in Pro class
Wild Green Tennis Court Beat Jun and JJ in Beginners Class



To unlock the Umpires below win the following match:

Unlockable How to Unlock
Anna Beat Big Chief (Rock Bull) and Kent (aka Ryu) in World Class
Kaori Beat Kaito and Momoko in Semi-pro Class
Robot Tennis Beat Suzuki and Big Chief (aka Rock Bull) in Pro class
Suzuki Beat Cody (aka Yuki) in Beginners Class


Unlockable Characters

In challenge mode, defeat the character listed in a singles game to play as them: (Do note names were changed in localisation)

Unlockable How to Unlock
Big Chief (aka Rock Bull) Defeat Big Chief (Rock Bull) in challenge mode
Carol Defeat Carol in challenge mode
Gloria Defeat Gloria in challenge mode
Jun Defeat Jun in challenge mode
Kaito Defeat Kaito in challenge mode
Kent (Ryu) Defeat Kent (Ryu) in challenge mode
Lola Defeat Lola in challenge mode
Miranda Defeat Miranda in challenge mode
Momoka Defeat Momoka in challenge mode
Suzuki Defeat Suzuki in challenge mode
Will Defeat Will in challenge mode