Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix Cheats

Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix Cheats


Kingdom Hearts Cheats


  • Jump over wall at Muddy Path

    Another way to reach the immediate second level of Muddy Path other than by hopping into the upward-draft coming from the circular well(which works only when playing the mini-game, “Pooh’s Muddy Path”) is by executing the following sequence:

    •Plant Sora directly in-front of wall where Pooh is transported over via the ‘blue butterfly flowers’ in the mini-game
    •Regular-jump up (as shared abilities are deactivated while at most though not all of 100 Acre Wood, Muddy Path included) with the ‘O’ button;
    •and at your PEAK HEIGHT, swing your Keyblade with the ‘X’ button
    ..and Sora should then land barely upon the edge of the ground up there, without even a ‘landing’ noise produced.

    Furthermore, this *glitch* is mucho fun to use for exploring the far corners of Muddy Path when not being timed, ‘feeling it out’ so-to-speak. Plus, this maneuver is, with a little bit of practice, actually a few seconds faster to reach Pooh than is the traditional method of jumping into the air-current spurting from the well!!!

    NOTE: This technique does not work with the taller wall at the other end of the log.

Stop the clock in Hercules Cup Time Trial

When fighting Hercules during the Hercules Cup Time Trial, you can pause the game and select “Restart”. Instead of restarting the entire challenge, you will instead restart at the Hercules fight with the clock stopped at whatever time you paused. This allows you to achieve a very fast time or complete the time trial at a low level.

Colliseum Tournaments

Below is a list of all the Colliseum Tournaments, and bonus matches, and how to unlock them.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Gold Match Complete the Hades Cup
Hades Cup Seal Hollow Bastion keyhole and unlock all other tournaments
Hercules Cup Seal Halloween Town and Neverland keyhole
Pegasus Cup Complete Monstro
Phil Cup Seal Traverse Town keyhole
Platinum Match Seal Hollow Bastion keyhole

Donald’s Rods

How to obtain Donald’s Rods

Unlockable How to Unlock
Dream Rod Acquire every spell and visit Merlin
Grand Mallet For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Lord Fortune Get every summon and visit the Fairy Godmother
Magus Staff For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Morning Star For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Save the Queen Beat the Hades Cup solo
Shooting Star For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Silver Mallet For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Violetta White Trinity in Olympus Coliseum
Warhammer For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Wisdom Staff For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Wizard’s Relic A rare item dropped by Wizards in Hollow Bastion

Goofy’s Shields

How to obtain Goofy’s Shields

Unlockable How to Unlock
Adamant Shield For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Defender A rare item dropped by Defenders in Hollow Bastion
Dream Shield This can be found after obtaining all seven spell arts items from white mushrooms and then talking to Merlin
Genji Shield Beat Yuffie in the Hades Cup
Gigas Fist For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Golem Shield For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Herc’s Shield Beat the Hercules Cup
Mythril Shield For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Onyx Shield For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Save the King Beat the Hades Cup time attack
Smasher For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town
Stout Shield For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town

Gummi Collection

Unlockable How to Unlock
Gummi Collection Retrieve all 99 Dalmatian Puppies, then you will get the entire Gummi Collections from Pongo and Perdita, along with an Aero Spell Upgrade.

How to find all Keyblades

This is how to unlock all the Keyblades, including the new ones from Final Mix.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Crabclaw Seal Atlantica.
Diamond Dust (only available in Final Mix)Beat Ice Titan in the Gold Cup.
Divine Rose Talk to Belle in the Hollow Bastion Library.
Fairy Harp Seal Neverland.
Jungle King Seal the Deep Jungle.
Lady Luck In a White trinity mark in Wonderland.
Lionheart Beat Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cup.
Metal Chocobo Defeat Cloud in the Hercules Cup.
Oathkeeper Talk to Kairi in the Secret Waterway in Traverse Town.
Oblivion In a chest in Hollow Bastion’s Grand Hall.
Olympia Complete the Hercules cup.
One Winged Angel (only available in Final Mix)Beat Sephiroth in Platinum Match.
Pumpkinhead Seal Halloween Town.
Spellbinder Speak to Merlin after getting all first level(Fire, Blizzard etc)magic.
Three Wishes Seal Agrabah.
Ultima Weapon Synthesize all the items at the Moogles Workshop, and it will be an item you can synthesize.
Wishing Star Save Pinnochio from Monstro, and Geppetto gives it to you in his house in Traverse Town.

Secret Bonus Gummi-ships

The list below expresses how to get the seven extra Gummi-ship blueprints by talking to Geppetto in his oneroom house located at Traverse Town’s 1st District after sealing Monstro, as well as one from Pinocchio (for the twenty-nine other blueprint models, it’s just a matter of destroying the Heartless ships enough times or having it as your default model):

Unlockable How to Unlock
Aerith Defeated 3000+ Heartless, “””””
Cactuar Defeated 1000+ Heartless, then talk to Geppetto
Chocobo Enter Geppetto’s house thirty or more total times, then speak to Pinocchio
Cid Defeated 500+ Heartless, then talk to Geppetto
Geppeto At Geppetto’s house, talk to Geppetto
Hyperion Defeated 5000+ Heartless, learned all six Summons, “””””
Leon Defeated 4000+ Heartless, “””””
Yuffie Defeated 1500+ Heartless, “””””

Unlocking All of the Abilities

Sora has many special attacks, here is how they are unlocked.
Note: To get the full effect from these always do the extra attacks when it is lit up on your attack bar.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Ars Arcanum Beat Captain Hook
Cheer Obtained by collecting certain items in Hundred Acre Wood
Dodge Roll Obtained from Goofy after beating Guard Armor
Ragnarok Beat Riku the second time in hollow bastion
Sonic Blade Obtained from Cloud after beating Cerberus
Strike Raid Beat the Pegasus Cup
Trinity Limit Beat the Hades Cup

How fast you can level up

How fast you level up in the game depends on what you told Wakka, Tidus and Selphie at the very beginning of the game. EG: Afraid of getting old, Want to be strong, Want friendship. Depending on what is displayed after you select the 3 options is how fast you will level up. Heres the list of what is displayed and what happens:

If you start at dawn: Less EXP will be required to level up UNTIL you reach lvl 40. After lvl 40, more EXP will be required to level up than usual.If you start at midday: Normal amount of EXP is required to level up all the way from lvl 1 to lvl 100. This is the most balanced option.If you start at dusk: More EXP is required to level up UNTIL you reach lvl 40. After lvl 40, less EXP will required to level up than usual.

Secrets in Neverland Clock Tower

Go to Neverland when the game’s clock is on an exact hour and fly up to the group of doors on one of the sides, at the exact hour one of the doors will be glowing, examine it to get a reward.
Note: The Later the hour the better the reward!

What to choose in the beginning

At the very beginning of the game, you will have to choose between the Sword, Staff or Shield as your power of choice and give up another one in return.

If you’re looking for more Strength, low Defense and medium Item stock; then go for the Sword and leave the Shield to start with 3 AP with less Defense, or leave the Staff to start with 1 AP with more Defense.

If you want more Defense, medium strength and high Item stock; go for the Shield and leave the Sword for lower strength but with 3 AP, or leave the Staff for more strength but 1 AP.

If you want more MP towards the beginning and ending of the game but low item stock, choose the Staff. If you leave the sword, you’ll have a very balanced status, but if you leave the shield, you’ll start out with low defense.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Cheats


  • EXP. Zero Damage Storage Glitch (Kingdom Hearts Final Mix)

    Exclusive to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on the ReMIX versions of the series, Sora starts Proud Mode with the EXP. Zero ability available. This ability negates all EXP. gains – allowing for Level 1 Proud challenge playthroughs – while rebalancing the game to make various battles difficult but not unwinnable. The rebalancing mechanics lead to a glitch known as “damage storage,” however.

    In essence, during various battles (bosses in particular), your damage output is corrected on each hit to better fit the zero-EXP format. However, the finisher for your aerial combos has a much higher correction than normal to do extra damage. While most attacks reset the corrections to your damage as intended, Magic and Summons do not. To abuse this oversight to great effect, do an aerial combo finisher, and then use magic/summon attacks, and you’ll find that you deal much more damage than you otherwise would. The effects of this glitch will persist until you make any further attack with your Keyblade, after which the damage acts as normal (unless you do another aerial combo finisher).

Unlocking the Speedstar Trophy for Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix After Passing the 15 Hour Mark.

If you have already passed 15 hours of playtime on your attempt to get the Speedstar Trophy, their is another way to get it. When your in-game clock gets to 99:59:59 it will reset back to 0:00:00 and change colors from Blue to Green. This is supposed to let you know that you have played for over 100 hours. However, the Trophy will read the actual game time, which will show as below 15 hours. All you have to do is defeat the final boss before it passes the 15 hour mark again, and the trophy will unlock.


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Cheats


  • Easy leveling of Valor, Limit and Master Forms

    During the Lock, Shock and Barrel battle in Christmas Town, wherein you use reaction commands to capture the trio in present boxes, the battle will go on indefinitely as long as you do not actually use the reaction commands. Simply change into one of these drive forms, and fight as long as you please. Equip Oathkeeper for maximum effect. Because the three do not “die,” you can continue whacking an unconscious target to gain Valor Form EXP and refill your drive gauge. Lock drops drive orbs each time you knock him out, giving you Master Form EXP and Shock will drop MP balls, allowing you to use Sonic Blade quicker before the drive ends. Exploiting this battle can net you a lot of Drive EXP without waiting for screen changes and traveling back to the world map.


Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Cheats


  • Strike Raid Glitch

    When you preform a limit, if an enemy interrupts you, the attack becomes canceled. If you do strike raid and an enemy hits you after the keyblade is thrown, do the attack is canceled, but you have no keyblade. Once that happens, do strike raid again to get the keyblade back. But, it’s interesting to fight without a keyblade. Magic and Stun Impact will be your only two attacks.

Birth By Sleep Unlock Conditions

To get the new secret ending Birth By Sleep you must satisfy these conditions for each mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Beginner Impossible
Critical Acquire all 3 proofs (i.e. Proof of Connection – Terra, Proof of Non-existence – Org. Data Rematches, Proof of Tranquility – Mushroom XIII)
Proud Complete Jiminy’s Journal
Standard Complete Jiminy’s Journal and get all treasures from Gummi Missions (including EX missions)


Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Cheats


  • Reverse/Rebirth Mode

    To get Reverse/Rebirth Mode where you play through the story as Riku, simply beat the game once as Sora.

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Reverse/Rebirth Mode Beat the game as Sora.

Special Cards

Unlockable How to Unlock
Ansem Beat Reverse/Rebirth mode and obtain from a chest in Twilight Town.
Axel Enemy Card Progress through the story
Demyx Enemy Card Atlantica: Key to Rewards after beating Reverse/Rebirth
Diamond Dust Beat Riku’s story and obtain from a chest in Castle Oblivion.
Getting Mushu and Xigbar card Go to Hollow Bastion and use key of rewards and there will be two chests one containing Xigbar
Larxene Enemy Card Progress through the story
Lexaeus Beat Reverse/Rebirth mode and obtain from a chest in Castle Oblivion.
Luxord Enemy Card Agrabah: Key to Rewards after beating Reverse/Rebirth
Marluxia Enemy Card Progress through the story
One Winged Angel Beat Riku’s story and obtain from a chest in Twilight Town.
Roxas card (Doubles attack strength) Go to Twilight Town in Sora’s mode and enter the treasure room. There should be two chests with one of them containing the Roxas card.
Saix Enemy Card Traverse Town: Key to Rewards after beating Reverse/Rebirth
Ultima Beat Riku’s story and obtain from a chest/shop in Castle Oblivion.
Vexen Enemy Card Progress through the story
Xaldin Enemy Card Monstro: Key to Rewards after beating Reverse/Rebirth
Xemnas Enemy Card Wonderland: Key to Rewards after beating Reverse/Rebirth
Zexion’s Card Beat Riku’s story and retrieve from a chest in Destiny Islands.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Cheats


  • Final Chapter

    Acquire every Xehanort report as each character, then complete all three story modes to unlock the Final Chapter.

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Final Chapter Acquire all Xehanort Reports

Secret Bosses

These Bosses are only available to fight with after you have cleared the Final Story. They are accessible during Terra, Ventus and Aqua’s Story.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Lingering Spirit Vanitas Clear Final Story
Mysterious Figure Beat Lingering spirit Vanitas at Keyblade Graveyard.

Secret Reports

These are all of the Xehanort’s Reports needed to unlock the Final episodes.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Xehanort’s Letter Ventus’ Story – Get out from Land of Departure for the first time
Xehanort’s Report 1 Chest in Ventus’ Story – Deep Space – Launch Deck
Xehanort’s Report 10 Complete the game with Ventus
Xehanort’s Report 11 Complete the game with Terra
Xehanort’s Report 12 Chest in Ventus’ Story – The Keyblade Graveyard – Seat of War
Xehanort’s Report 2 Clear Terra’s Story – Radient Garden
Xehanort’s Report 3 Chest in Aqua’s Story – Radiant Garden – Merlin’s House
Xehanort’s Report 4 Clear Aqua’s Story – The Mysterious Tower
Xehanort’s Report 5 Terra’s Story – Clear Sinister Sentinel in the Mirage Arena
Xehanort’s Report 6 Clear Aqua’s Story – Enchanted Dominion
Xehanort’s Report 7 Complete the game with Aqua
Xehanort’s Report 8 Terra’s Story – Defeat Master Eraqus
Xehanort’s Report 9 Ventus’ Story – Get out from Land of Departure for the second time (event based)