White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Cheats

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Cheats

Claustrophobic Janitor

The Janitor can’t enter the corridor connecting Main Building #2 with the New Building. He will stop in front of the doors and walks away after a while. This trick is helpful during Ji-Min’s scenario, since the doors to the New Building are unlocked for her from the start of her scenario.

Despawning the Janitor inside the New Building

Enter the Music Apreciation Room and die to the ghost girl there. The Janitor will be gone, until another cutscene plays or the ghost girl is excorcized.

Unlocking Ji-Min and her scenario

To unlock Ji-Min, you need to beat the game on hard mode and achieve the ending White Crysanthemum or Ivy. When you start your next playthrough, you will meet her near classroom 2-8. Then after defeating the demonic tree, but before picking up the wood token, you need to find 10 doodles throughout Main Building #1. Once all doodles have been found, pick up the wood token. After a few scnees investigate the noise and enter the northern staircase. Another scene with Ji-Min will trigger, if all doodles have been found. Finally, in Main Building #2, you need to check the security footage inside the principal’s office three times. You will see Ji-Min entering the biology lab’s backroom. Go there and a timed mission will start. After solving this mission, you’re playing as Ji-Min and her scenario is unlocked for this playthrough.