Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 Cheats

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 Cheats

Mega Man X5 Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Enter this code at the character select screen:

    Effect Code
    Ultimate Armor X Put the cursor on X and press “Up” twice then press “Down” nine times
    Ultimate Armor Zero Put the cursor on Zero and press “Down” twice, then press “Up” nine times


There are three different endings to this game, depending on certain conditions met during the course of the game. They largely revolve around whether or not Zero becomes a Maverick: he will do so if he doesn’t survive the crash of the Space Shuttle or Eurasia crashes, and in either case he will not be playable for the final stage.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Ending #1 Zero becomes a Maverick and you beat the final stage with X
Ending #2 Zero doesn’t become a Maverick and you beat the final stage with X
Ending #3 Zero doesn’t become a Maverick and you beat the final stage with Zero


Mega Man X6 Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Highlight Game Start and input one of the following codes. You should hear a sound to confirm the code was entered correctly. After that, start a new game.

    Effect Code
    Enable the Black Armor for Revived Hunter. L1, L1, L1, R2
    Start the game as X in the Ultimate Armor. Left, Left, Left, Right

Nightmare Level Unlockables

Finding a portal in each Nightmare Stage (stages marked in red on stage select).

Unlockable How to Unlock
Fight Dynamo. Defeat High Max in portals then find another portal to face Dynamo.Note, Can be rematched after defeating him.
Fight High Max before Gate’s Lab. First defeat Nightmare Zero then find another portal.
Fight Nightmare Zero Go through a portal in any Nightmare Stage for the 1st time.
Get to Gate’s lab earlier Defeat High Max in Nightmare Levels.
Play as Revived Hunter a.k.a. Zero. Defeat Nightmare Zero.


Mega Man X7 Cheats


  • Glide Armor and more.

    You need X for every mission to get the armor.

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Body armor for X Got to the plane place and get to area 3. Then get to the intersection and go to the left.
    Buster armor for X Go to the place with Hyanard and in area one… Then get to the fourth fire dragon and beat it. Then jump down and dash to the left or you’ll hit fire
    Foot armor for X Go to Stonekong place and get near the boss. When you get to stones stacked up and a person behind it… Use Zero and use double jump to get a branch.
    Glide Armor seperate from X When you get all the parts to get the Glide Armor… Go to team select for a mission and it will say you got the Armor and you can use X or armor X.
    Head armor for X Go to the place with Anteater and get to area 2. Get to the portal to get to the boss but go into the gravity portal before the Boss portal.

Unlock X

Unlockable How to Unlock
Unlock X To unlock and use X in any stages, You would have to find and rescue 64 Reploids and above. Once you have reached the requirements, you’ll trigger the cutscene after you’ve cleared the stage or lost all your lives in the particular stage.


Mega Man X8 Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Enter any the following codes at the title screen while the words “Press Start” are flashing:

    Effect Code
    Unlocks Alia Buster in the Chip Dev. Menu Down,R1,Up,L1,Square,X,Triangle,O
    Unlocks Layer Rapier in the Chip Dev. menu Square,Square,Right,X,R1
    Unlocks Pallet Bullets in the Chip Dev. menu R1,X,Left,Square,Square

Obtain Sigma blade, fight Cutman, play as Alia and Layer

At the title screen where it says “press start”, enter the codes then, start a new game on normal or hard and the blade and the 2 characters will be available at the development shop for purchase.

To fight Cutman, go to the end of Optic Sunflowers stage.

Effect Code
Fight Cutman Left, Circle, Up, Triangle, Down, X, Right, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2
Play as Alia Down, R1, Up, L1, Square, X, Triangle, Circle
Play as Layer Square, Square, Right, X, R1
Sigma Blade L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3

Play as Pallete, Ultimate Armor X, Black Zero, and White Axl

At the Title Screen where it says “press start”, type the following codes in:

Effect Code
Unlock Black Zero L1, L1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, L1
Unlock White Axl L2, L2, L2, R2, R2, R2, L2, L2, L2, R2
Unlocks Pallete R1, X, Left, Square, Square

Ultimate X Armor

Enter Code at the title screen.

Effect Code
Unlock Ultimate X Armor Left(3), Right(3), Left(4), Right(4)

Ryu’s Hurricane Kick

Equip the K Knuckle on Zero and jump up and press Triangle.

Shoryuken with X

You can do a shoryuken with X (in his ultimate armor).

Hold Up and press triangle.

This move appeared in Megaman X2 as an ultimate move (like the Hadoken in Megaman X1). It’s not powerful at all, but a fun easter egg.