My Hero One's Justice Cheats

My Hero One’s Justice Cheats


  • How to unlock alternative costumes in Mission Mode

    In some costume unlock requirements it will ask you to ‘Fulfil conditions on a certain map”. It is unclear what conditions need to be done and on which map. However there is a way to unlock them.

    On most maps in Mission Mode, there is a mission which has Mei’s goggles on its icon. This is a customisation item mission and will award you customisation items for the characters you choose on the map. For example, if you pick Izuku, Ochaco and All Might, there will be costumes for them to unlock, but no others. If you press R1 on it, you will see the items you can unlock for which characters and the unlock requirements. This means that if you want to get as much costumes for the “Clothes Make the Hero” trophy, you will need to complete each mission on each map with all the characters in the roster. This is also good for gaining money, exp and building up points to unlock player customisation items.