My Time At Portia Cheats

My Time At Portia Cheats

Item Duplication

This glitch allows you to take an item and duplicate it by these steps:
1) Put the item you wish to duplicate into your tool bar
2) Go to any shop
3) Highlight the item you want to gain more of and press both square and triangle on the ps4 controller at the same time.
4) If done correctly you will see that item in your inventory as well as still on your bar at the bottom.
5) Press X to keep both sets and repeat as much as you want.

P.s. I typically only go with 1 stack at a time to avoid any potential issues that may or may not arise.

The process will go as this: ex 1+1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256. This is if you only have 1 of the item you are cloning. If you make 2 stacks of 256 you get 512 and then you will keep getting stacks of 512 til you stop.
Numbers will very if higher than 1 but you get the idea.

Once done duplicating stick all duped items in a box and sleep or they may not be used right. You are able to quick store the 1st stack but after that you need to move them with square and X or it will reset the amount if in the same chest. Hope this helps.