Lost Soul Aside – 18 minutes of gameplay


Watch Lost Soul Aside – 18 minutes of gameplay

A new trailer has been released for the fast action game Lost Soul Aside. This one is notable because it contains 18 minutes of gameplay, which should provide interested individuals with a general idea of what they can expect from the upcoming title. For those who are unfamiliar, the existence of Lost Soul Aside has been known since 2016. However, what made it stand out at the time was that it looked like a AAA title even though it was the work of a single developer named Yang Bing. Indeed, Lost Soul Aside looked so impressive that a number of parties looked into a potential partnership with said individual.





Thanks to that, the upcoming title is now a PS exclusive. Furthermore, Yang Bing now has a team working with him, which is presumably speeding up his rate of progress. Currently, Lost Soul Aside is expected to come out for the PC, the PS4, and the PS5. Unfortunately, an exact release date hasn’t been revealed at this point in time, meaning that interested individuals might want to keep a watchful eye out.

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