Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Cheats

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Cheats

Infinite Use Healing Item

Exploiting this handy glitch grants you an infinite use Healing Item of your choice. I recommend a Mixed Herb (Green + Red + Blue) since it’s the most useful, and eliminates the need for any additional healing items.

In order to exploit this glitch, you must have the following items in your Inventory in this precise order:
1.) Playing Manual
2.) Any Gun
3.) Healing Item

Equip the gun, then go under Files and select the blue folder to read the Playing Manual, (Do Not read it directly from your inventory!) once you exit the file, the Playing Manual will disappear from your Inventory and your Equipped Item should now be the Healing Item you chose, which isn’t normally an item than can be equipped. Exit the Inventory Menu and attemp to fire your gun, it should fire as usual, as if you had a gun equipped. Return to the Inventory Menu and use your Healing Item, it should remain in your Inventory after use and remain indefinitely regardless of how many times you use it. You’ll have to re-equip your Gun afterwards because that one phantom shot isn’t repeatable.

WARNING: If your Gliched Healing Item is an Herb, DO NOT mix it with another Herb, the glitch doesn’t carry over, so if you want a Mixed Herb, then simply store the Playing Manual in an Item Box until you have all of the ingredients you want to make a Mixed Herb. This glitch is reliant upon having the Playing Manual inside your Inventory along with the other items in the precise order previously specified, so don’t read the Player Manual until you’re ready to exploit the glitch, because once you read it, it will permanently disappear from your Inventory.

Note: The Glitched Infinite Healing Item is transferable, ergo if you store it inside of an Item Box, other characters besides Claire can also take it out and use it themselves. I recommend keeping it separate from other Healing Items so that you don’t get them mixed up, although if you take my advice, you really shouldn’t need to pick up any other Healing Items.

With this handy glitch in effect, you no longer have to pick up other healing items on the field (except for maybe Blue Herbs if you haven’t used the glitch to make an Infinite Mixed Herb G+R+B) which will save you a lot of Inventory space, not to mention make the game far easier in the process since you have a means to infinitely restore your health.