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What Is Returnal? (Returnal Cheats and Tips)

Returnal is a third-person shooter that incorporates rogue-like elements as well as psychological horror elements. It is centered on a scout named Selene, who has become trapped in a time loop after landing on an alien planet named Atropos.

What Are Some Tips For Returnal?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Pick Your Battles (Returnal Cheats and Tips)

Returnal makes it important for interested individuals to pick their battles. Simply put, they have limited resources. If interested individuals are skilled, they can go through battle after battle without so much as a single scratch. However, chances are very good that they will be attrited to death bit by bit instead. As such, interested individuals should pick their battles by making sure that their expected gains outweigh their expected costs.

Closed Grates Can Be Opened (Returnal Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals will come upon closed grates from time to time. Fortunately, if they see one, they know that there will be a yellow light situated somewhere in the surroundings. Perhaps it is hidden or perhaps it is difficult to see from their current position. Whatever the case, interested individuals can open a closed grate by shooting the yellow light that is situated somewhere in the surroundings.

Keep a Watchful Eye Out for Breakable Walls

Speaking of which, there are breakable walls as well. They aren’t particularly noticeable when compared with their surroundings. However, breakable walls are always made out of a greyish material that looks as though it could crumble if sufficient force was brought to bear upon it, which to be fair, is true. Conveniently, the shoulder robot will make a sound whenever it is in the vicinity of either a breakable wall or some other secret that can be uncovered.

Use Your Consumables (Returnal Cheats and Tips)

There are a couple of reasons why interested individuals should use their consumables on a regular basis. First, they start out with a single slot, which will increase to two slots and then to three slots. As such, interested individuals can’t hoard their consumables. Second, interested individuals can expect to come upon a fair number of consumables. Thanks to that, if they choose to hoard their consumables, they are going to waste a lot of potential resources. Something that tends to be extremely detrimental in rogue-lites as well as rogue-likes.

There Are Exceptions to This Rule

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule in the form of consumables that interested individuals will want to bring into boss battles. One example would be the Voidbeam, which does more and more damage so long as it remains fixed upon its target. Under ideal circumstances, interested individuals will be able to use it to hammer a boss’s weak point. However, even if they can’t, Voidbeam can still eat through a boss’s health with incredible speed. Another example would be the consumable that creates a barrier that blocks incoming projectiles while boosting outgoing projectiles. It isn’t very useful for bosses that moves around a lot. However, the consumable is a must-have for their more static counterparts.