Shadow of the Beast Cheats


Shadow of the Beast Cheats


Loading Screen Codes

During loading screens, aside from looking at hints, by pressing the face buttons, you can cause symbols from the original Shadow of the Beast to appear in the upper right hand corner. Depending on the sequence of buttons you press, you may unlock loading screen minigames. These games have no effect to actual gameplay and are merely a way to pass the time during loading screens.

Effect Code
Aarbron punching minigame. Punch incoming foes that come at increasing speeds. X, X, Square, Triangle


Hidden Cinematic

While in the Graveyard of the Fallen, you are tasked with going up to piked heads and accomplishing fights against ghosts of previous foes and skeletons. Once you have gone and completed every task at every head, instead of going to the portal, backtrack to the first burning piked head near the beginning of the stage. You will now be able to interact with it. Doing so will take you to a small area. Move Aarbron in the direction he’s facing to see a special cinematic. It is suggested that you have purchased and activate the Planian translation for full enjoyment.

Hidden Credits Minigame

By completing all levels (of one difficulty, can be any difficulty) with a total ranking of Silver or greater, when you reach the credits, you’ll be taken to a unique minigame. Destroying the airships will grant you access to special game art and you will encounter the two hidden foes. Defeating both will add them to your bestiary. By destroying ALL airships and the boss, you will get a Trophy. Should you fail, you can simply retry by selecting to view the credits in the Map menu.