Insurmountable Cheats and Tips



What Is Insurmountable? (Insurmountable Cheats and Tips)

Rogue-like elements are being introduced to more and more genres. For proof, look no further than Insurmountable, which is focused on climbing successive mountains rather than fighting through successive enemies. However, interested individuals should make no mistake about the fact that rogue-like elements have been built into the very core of this game.

What Are Some Tips For Insurmountable?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





You Cannot Memorize a Safe Route (Insurmountable Cheats and Tips)

For starters, interested individuals won’t be able to memorize safe routes for the three mountains that they are expected to overcome. After all, Insurmountable uses procedurally-created environments, meaning that every single climb will be unique. As such, interested individuals don’t have the option of using death after death to map out the game. Instead, they are going to need to learn how to read the environment so that they can pick up the best route that is available to them at any given moment. It is important to plan ahead because it is very much possible for a choice that seems right in the present to prove to have been wrong in the future.

Treat Everything As a Matter of Resources (Insurmountable Cheats and Tips)

Fundamentally, rogue-likes and rogue-lites are about resources. Essentially, interested individuals are reliant on limited resources that they can’t replenish with ease. However, they need to spend those resources to make progress, whether that means proceeding through the game or making their character more capable of proceeding through the game. As such, interested individuals should ensure that every single one of their choices is producing more benefit than what it cost while keeping in mind that the value of every single resource is changing on a constant basis. After all, if they are running low on something, that makes it more valuable. Similarly, if they have plentiful stocks of something else, that makes it less valuable.

Be warned that such games are more of a marathon than a sprint, meaning that interested individuals should adopt a long-term perspective. For instance, just because they have a lot of health for the first mountain, that doesn’t mean that they have a lot of health for the three successive mountains. Something that is particularly true when they start being wasteful with their health while they are still a short while in. Over time, interested individuals will get a better feel for what resources they can and cannot spare at any given time because on their expected inflows and outflows as informed by their experiences.

Remember the Outcomes of Events (Insurmountable Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals should do their best to remember the outcomes of events. Yes, the descriptions for the events will provide them with some insight into what they can expect. However, the descriptions aren’t perfect, both because they offer incomplete insight and because they can be misinterpreted. By memorizing the outcomes, interested individuals can choose the best ones for subsequent runs.

Use the First Mountain to Stockpile Resources

The first mountain is the easiest of the three mountains. Thanks to this, one potential strategy would be using it to stockpile as many resources as possible in preparation for the other two mountains. Interested individuals still don’t want to explore everywhere because the resource expenditure won’t always be worth it. However, the more that they can stockpile on the first mountain, the more that they can focus on climbing for the other two mountains.