Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Cheats


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Cheats


How to get New Challenger in Arcade Mode

The New Challenger is only available in the following paths in Arcade Mode:
– Street Fighter Alpha path
– Street Fighter 2 path
– Street Fighter 4 path

To get to the New Challenger in Arcade Mode, you must fulfill both requirements below:
1. Scoring 2 Perfect rounds against any single opponent
2. Do not lose a single round

Depending on which path you play, and if you satisfy the requirement above, you will get one of the following:
1. Street Fighter Alpha path – The New Challenger will appear before the Stage 5 opponent
2. Street Fighter 2 path – The New Challenger will appear after the Final Stage opponent
3. Street Fighter 4 path – The New Challenger will appear after the Final Stage opponent


How to get to Bonus Stage (Hell)

To get to the Bonus Stage (Hell) difficulty, be sure to meet the requirements below:
1. Set Round Settings to 5
2. Set CPU Difficulty to Hard
3. Get to Bonus Stage without losing a single round


Street Fighter V Cheats


  • Remove Costume Specific Clothing

    After selecting one of the following: 1. Swimsuit Costume for Chun-Li, Cammy, R. Mika, Karin, Laura, or Ibuki 2. Capcom Pro Tour Costume for Chun-Li, Cammy, or Necalli Hold down LP+MP+HP+LK / Jab+Strong+Fierce+Short and the Up button until the fight begins. Swimsuit Chun loses her skirt Swimsuit Cammy loses her extra gear Swimsuit Mika loses her hoodie Swimsuit Karin loses her sun hat and glasses Swimsuit Laura loses her jersey Swimsuit Ibuki loses her scarf (but not mask) CPT Chun loses her feather boa CPT Cammy loses her vest CPT Necalli loses his coat

Unlock new colors 11-12-13-14-15

In the last patch, CAPCOM includes 5 new colors ONLY for default costumes, giving a total of 15 colors to the characters (16 counting the special japanese edition). The “story mode” and “special” costumes only have 10 colors. To obtain that 5 new colors for the “normal” cotumes, we need to level up our characters and buy them with Fight Money to unlock.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Color 11 Available at shop by default for 10.000 FM
Color 12 Available at shop for 2000 FM when your character reach level 5
Color 13 Available at shop for 5000 FM when your character reach level 10
Color 14 Available at shop for 10.000 FM when your character reach level 25
Color 15 Available at shop for 20.000 FM when your character reach level 50


Unlocking Additional Colors For Your Costumes In Survival Mode

Note: If you want different colors for your Alternate Costumes, You have to complete each mode another time for every costume you have. Example: Unlocking Color 3 by beating Easy Survival Mode with Ryu’s while having his default costume on will not unlock Color 3 for his Battle Outfit 1 Costume. You will have to complete it again with the Battle Outfit 1 Costume on to unlock Color 3 for it.

Unlockable How to Unlock
A Special Title Complete Hell Mode (100 Wins)
Color 3 Complete Easy Mode (10 Wins)
Colors 4, 5, 6 Complete Normal Mode (30 Wins)
Colors 7, 8, 9, 10 Complete Hard Mode (50 Wins)


Secret Arcade Mode Bosses

By fulfilling certain conditions, secret opponents will challenge you in Arcade Mode.

1. Do not lose a round.
2. Get at least 3 Perfect K.O. finishes.

Item Location
G Street Fighter V route
Rival Street Fighter Alpha route after Stage 4
Shin Akuma Street Fighter II & Street Fighter IV routes after Final Stage