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What Is Resident Evil Village? (Resident Evil Village Cheats and Tips)

Resident Evil Village is the latest main installment in the Resident Evil series. For those who are curious, it is worth mentioning that the first four letters of “Village” are written as “VIII,” which should provide interested individuals with a good idea of the title’s position. Regardless, Resident Evil Village is still a shooter that puts a fair amount of emphasis on survival horror.

What Are Some Tips For Resident Evil Village?

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Red Means Less than 100 Percent Exploration (Resident Evil Village Cheats and Tips)

Exploration can be very rewarding. However, there are some titles in which it can also be very frustrating because interested individuals can’t be sure that they have found everything relevant in a particular area. Fortunately, Resident Evil Village isn’t one of them because the map makes it very clear whether interested individuals should continue searching or not. If a part of the map is blue, the player has found everything. In contrast, if a part of the map is red, well, suffice to say that they should spend some more time searching.

Don’t Become Obsessed with Achieving 100 Percent Exploration Right Away

Speaking of which, interested individuals shouldn’t become obsessed with achieving 100 percent exploration for a particular area right away. This is because there are a lot of places that won’t become accessible until they have acquired either a key or some other key item, which might not be available until hours and hours later. In other words, interested individuals are going to need to backtrack if they want to get everything out of the game.

Knives Are Useful (Resident Evil Village Cheats and Tips)

Knives can be surprisingly useful in Resident Evil Village. For starters, it is an excellent means for breaking things that can be broken, thus enabling interested individuals to save their ammo for better targets. Furthermore, knives can also be used to take out weaker enemies, which serves much the same end. Granted, ammo isn’t so scarce that interested individuals should hesitate to shoot when they come under threat. However, they should still save ammo whenever they are in a good position to do so because the less that they spend on ammo, the more that they can spend on better purchases.

Increase Your Inventory Size ASAP (Resident Evil Village Cheats and Tips)

One of those better purchases would be increasing inventory size. Simply put, the more stuff that interested individuals can carry with them, the smaller the chance that they will be forced to pick and choose from useful items.

Be Prepared to Run

Later Resident Evil titles are more action-oriented than their predecessors. However, that doesn’t mean that interested individuals can just blast their way through hoards and hoards of enemies in Resident Evil Village right away. Chances are good that they will be spending a fair amount of time walking backwards because that will enable them to reposition while continuing to shoot their enemies. If the situation becomes overwhelming, be prepared to quick turn before making a full-speed run for safety. There is no sense to staying around in a hopeless fight, particularly since interested individuals can always come back when they are better-armed.