Super Star Wars Cheats


Super Star Wars Cheats



Enter these codes when indicated. For Main Menu entry codes, you must do these quickly. For best results, enter these as the game is booting up rather than when exiting a game/menu.

Effect Code
5 Extra Continues (Disables Other Cheats) At Main Menu: Press Triangle, X, X, Circle, Square
Sound Test / Music Select During game: Press and hold square, triangle, X, O and Options
Unlock All Characters At Main Menu: Press Square, Triangle (x3), Circle (x3), X (x3), Square (x2)


Unlock Luke’s Lightsaber on First level

Press Square Square Triangle Triangle circle x triangle circle at the main title screen. If successful you will hear the classic jawa “WUTINI” Start your game normally and press circle, and you will be using your lightsaber.