Sword Art Online: Game Director's Edition Cheats


Sword Art Online: Game Director’s Edition Cheats


Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Cheats


  • Unlock Yuuki

    You must first clear the hollow area story line, and then after the final battle of the main story line you will have the option to stay and investigate the area. If you choose to investigate you will then be challenged to battle by Yuuki, defeat her and she will be unlocked in the new game+ mode.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Cheats


  • Walk through walls

    While controlling a character a mace, dagger or dual wielding swords, go up to a wall or obstacle and repeatedly use the first square button attack. You will slowly inch forward and eventually get inside the wall or obstacle. You can walk around inside the wall and bypass some locked doors or scenes. While inside the wall you cannot attack enemies with attacks or magic and they cannot attack you, but you can still buff or heal allies.


  • Custom Character Creation

    To unlock Custom Character Creation just complete the first Island. After beating Fafnir you will be able to create a customized character in the Cafe/Multiplayer room. Talk to the girl behind the counter to the Left of the door.

Unlockable Characters

The following characters are unlocked via playing through the “Story Mode”

Unlockable How to Unlock
Black Lotus Finish the Story Mode and speak to Strea as Kirito. Strea will start to glitch and you’ll fight her as a level 1000 enemy (I lost and still got her)
Lux Complete the game and speak to an Undine in the plaza with leafa and silica in party. Go to the dungeon in the top right of the map on Nibelheim.
Rain Complete the game and you will find her in the first island fight her and you must win
Seven Post game you can play a short storyline quest with her by visiting Agil’s shop after completing subevents with Rain.
Sumeragi Finish story mode. You can find him in Woglinde on a floating island standing next to a chest after Dueling Rain as Kirito. Talk to him.