Battle Axe Cheats and Tips


What Is Battle Axe? (Battle Axe Cheats and Tips)

Battle Axe is a modernization of arcade-style hack-and-slash games. As such, interested individuals might be tempted to draw comparisons with Gauntlet as well as Golden Axe, both of which are well-known names of the genre.

What Are Some Tips For Battle Axe?

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Memorize, Memorize, Memorize (Battle Axe Cheats and Tips)

Nowadays, it is very common for games to incorporate rogue-like elements, thus ensuring that interested individuals won’t be able to memorize their ever-changing layouts. However, Battle Axe isn’t one of them. Thanks to this, interested individuals should do their best to memorize everything that they come upon. Something that should make for better and better performances over time because forewarned is forearmed.

Change Your Approach Based on Your Loot

Having said that, Battle Axe does have some randomization. For those who are curious, the contents of its treasure chests are randomized for each run rather than preset from the very start. This is important because those contents can be very powerful, meaning that interested individuals should change their approach to some extent based on what they have managed to loot. For example, health potions can enable them to take extra risks. Similarly, coins mean that they can purchase more useful upgrades at the end of the level. On top of this, it is worth mentioning that scrolls can make some bosses much more manageable than otherwise possible.

Some Purchases Are Better Than Others (Battle Axe Cheats and Tips)

Naturally, some purchases are better than others. For instance, permanent upgrades tend to be the best because they provide more value than their impermanent counterparts. However, it can still be worthwhile for interested individuals to pick up some items even if that means eating into their funds for permanent upgrades because that can mean the difference between life and death. Of course, this depends a great deal on the item in question. For instance, while it would be exaggerating to say that bombs are useless, they aren’t that far from being useless.

Be Fast and Aggressive (Battle Axe Cheats and Tips)

Fast and aggressive is the encouraged way to play Battle Axe. This can be seen in how the score system rewards fast completion. Furthermore, this can be seen in how interested individuals are supposed to build up combos, which is easiest when they make a beeline for the biggest concentrations of enemies. Something that memorization of the layout will make much easier. Besides this, there is a much more practical reason to be fast and aggressive as well. Interested individuals can expect to be swarmed by a lot of enemies, which include some that will chase them from place to place. As such, they need to clear out enemies as fast as enemies show up. Otherwise, interested individuals have a very real chance of being overrun. Having said this, being fast and aggressive doesn’t mean being foolishly so. If interested individuals feel that they need to reposition to improve their odds, they shouldn’t hesitate to do so.

Don’t Let Ranged Enemies Shoot Uninterrupted

Generally speaking, the enemies will be kind enough to charge in the player’s direction, thus facilitating their swift removal from the field. However, there are some enemies that will shoot while staying at a safe distance. One or two hits might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things. However, every single bit of damage will add up, which is why interested individuals should take the time to take ranged enemies out before they can do too much.