TowerFall Ascension Cheats


TowerFall Ascension Cheats


How to unlock the secret archers

Here’s how to unlock the secret archers in order to gain the trophies for them. To unlock some of these archers, you’ll be required to unlock the corresponding stage first.

Unlockable How to Unlock
(Cyan Archer) Prancing Puppet Once you Clear the Sunken City stage in story mode.
(Purple Archer) Vicious Vessel Play VS on the Twilight Spire stage until a random event occurs, may need to use the Turncloak Soldier/Last of the Order character to trigger event
(White Archer) Ancient Exile Once you unlock the Moonstage stage, play VS on it, and break the purple crystal that contains her, might have to play a few rounds to get the crystal
(Yellow Archer) Forgotten Master Collect all 7 yellow gems hidden throughout Trial Mode then go to to Tower Forge 2 Then go bellow the first dummy you see on the right aim Down&run


Secret Stages

Here’s how to unlock the secret stages in Towerfall: Ascension. Some of these require you to play on VS mode, editing the rules and items of the match will NOT prevent you from unlocking the stage.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Ascension After unlocking all 3 stages, from the Main Menu, select Archives, and then change the page to Ascension, and enter the following code:
Ascension code right, up, left | right, right, down | down up down
Gauntlet Beat Ascension
Gauntlet II Beat Every Level In Hardcore
Moonstone After playing every non-unlockable stage at least once, play the Sacred Ground stage on VS until you unlock
Sunken City Play VS mode, once selecting a stage to play on, select Random. Must do this a few times first to get it to randomly select the hidden stage.
Towerforge Unlocked after completing the King’s Court stage in Quest Mode on any difficulty


Alternative Title Theme Music

There is a hidden chip tune version of the title theme by artist Will Kirkby that has a 1/100 chance of being played whenever entering the game’s main menu. This is not to be confused with the Bonus Ascension Title theme which is played after beating the Quest Mode through the Ascension level.

Pulver Prince

A hidden Pink Archer alternate referencing the reigning TowerFall champion, Kyle Pulver, can be selected by holding the Left Trigger button when selecting the Assassin Prince. He has blue hair in a style similar to Kyle and features original win/loss portrait art and a victory theme.

Sleepy Master

The Yellow Archer and his alternate can fall asleep in combat by remaining in a ducking state for several seconds.