Smelter Cheats and Tips


What Is Smelter? (Smelter Cheats and Tips)

Smelter is a curious combination of a 2D, side-scrolling platformer with various elements of strategy games. As such, some people have compared it to ActRaiser, which was one of the most memorable titles ever released for the Super NES. However, it is important to note that Smelter is very much its own thing.

What Are Some Tips For Smelter? (Smelter Cheats and Tips)

Keep these tips in mind:





Remember the Cycle Order (Smelter Cheats and Tips)

The player-character can unlock three sets of skills. One contains claws plus double-jump; one contains an electro-whip plus dash-jump; and one contains a blaster plus glide. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that interested individuals are going to need all of them in order to get through the game’s challenges. Due to this, they should remember the cycle order. After all, cycling from one set of skills to another set of skills takes a moment. Furthermore, the cycle is one-directional, meaning that interested individuals can cycle forwards but not backwards. If they aren’t careful, they could wind up with the wrong set at a very inopportune time, which will be particularly problematic towards the end when everything starts coming together to create the greatest challenges.

Explore, Explore, Explore (Smelter Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are hidden areas in Smelter, which can be concealed by false walls as well as other obstacles. Interested individuals should use the aforementioned movement skills to search for them because they contain important resources. One would be apple cores that can be used to upgrade the buildings for the strategy side of things. The other would be trial coins that can be used to upgrade the player-character’s skills for the platformer side of things.

Use the Trials to Master Mechanics

Speaking of which, trials are short segments that can involve enemies, traps, and other obstacles. Generally speaking, they aren’t very long. In fact, interested individuals can get through most of them within a single minute. However, trials can be very difficult to overcome, particularly since they come with goals such as not being hit and not being spotted. Thanks to this, interested individuals might have to give them a few tries before succeeding. Some people might find this frustrating but should treat the trials as a chance to hone their platforming skills. This is critical because Smelter will throw a wide range of platforming challenges at the player, meaning that they are going to need to master various mechanics to make it through. Besides that, if people become too frustrated by a particular trial, they should give it a rest before coming back to it in a calmer, more rested state.

Keep Your Resource Buildings Protected

There aren’t a lot of buildings on the strategy side of things. However, some are resource buildings, while others are defensive buildings. Interested individuals should make sure that their resource buildings are shielded by their defensive buildings, which can do a lot of good work with minimal need for personal intervention from them. Having said that, providing repairs from time to time is a good idea because that will maximize their lifespan and thus their usefulness.