Alwa's Legacy Cheats


Alwa’s Legacy Cheats


Unlock Pacifist Mode

In to unlock Pacifist Mode you need to find the 12 Rose Petals hidden throughout the map and take them to John-Baptiste in the Castle Gardens area. He’ll then give you the Harmony’s Rose item. After that, defeat the final boss and you’ll unlock Pacifist Mode (even if you had already defeated the final boss before, you need to do it again after getting the Harmony’s Rose for Pacifist Mode to unlock).
From then on, when you start a new game you’ll be given the choice between Normal Mode and Pacifist Mode.

To clear Pacifist Mode, you need to go through the whole game without defeating a single enemy (enemies that die by self-destructing don’t count). If you defeat an enemy, the Harmony’s Rose will wilt, and the file will change into Normal Mode. Bosses and other enemies that you would otherwise be required to defeat in order to progress can be safely removed by interacting with Rose Statues scattered around the map.