Collection of Mana Cheats


Collection of Mana Cheats


Final Fantasy Adventure: Easily farm equipment

The item you receive when you open a chest is time based, so if you want to farm the Samurai equipment and Aegis Shield, simply fill your inventory with items, then kill the correct enemy until it drops a chest. When you try to open it, it will say, “Can’t carry!”. Just press dismiss the message and keep trying to open the chest until it gives you the equipment instead. Make sure you do have an open slot for equipment.

Final Fantasy Adventure Cheats


  • Dont get damaged when poisoned

    When you get poisoned and do not have anything to cure it, just sit still and keep repeatedly attacking, when doing this, you sustain no damage, keep doing this until you are no longer poisoned.


Secret of Mana Cheats


  • 9th Sword Orb

    Here is how to get the “Mana Sword” permanently, and without a cheating device!

    Fly to the ice country on Flammie and look for a small circular island off the immediate coast (trial and error are best here, but its NOT those little itty bitty ice chunks everywhere). You’ll know its the right island if you are in a frozen grove with Neko surrounded by purple crystals (this looks like the same area you may encounter Neko on the way to the Ice Palace to fight Frost Gigas).

    After that, Save the Game with Neko.
    Immediately after, do a soft reset (L + R + Select + Start).
    Start a New Game, and get to the Mantis Ant fighting as few (i.e. none) Rabites as possible. When you and Elliot take a dive into the pit, wait for him to say “You’ve got a sword don’t you, use it!”
    WHILE THIS TEXT IS ON THE SCREEN, perform another soft reset. BE SURE TO HOLD THOSE FOUR BUTTONS FOR 5+ SECONDS. I don’t know why those 5+ seconds are required, but they are.
    When you get back to the title screen, load the game you saved with Neko in the Ice Country. If you did the trick correctly, all three of your characters will be in the pit fighting the Mantis Ant! (If you did it wrong, you’ll stare at a blank black screen and the game will freeze) Kill the weak boss (took me one hit…), and collect your “1st” sword orb again. Jema will pull you out and Timmy will call you to the elders house. Rather than risk a crash, call Flammie and high tail it to the nearest Watts location.

    You now have the most broken weapon in Secret of Mana at your disposal, without needing to cast Mana Magic ever again.

    *Final Note: This trick can be repeated if you wish, but do NOT forge your sword past level 9. The game will glitch and/or crash. You may get your Rusty Sword back, or you may corrupt your save file beyond repair.

Avoid magic attacks using pygmy hammer/Moogle belt

Whenever an enemy character casts an attack spell on you or an ally use the pygmy hammer / moogle belt on the character being attacked , do this twice before the spell animation ends and if done correctly the character will completly avoid taking any damage. This trick is especially useful when you are fighting the Mana beast.


Seiken Densetsu 3 Cheats


  • Codes

    Effect Code
    Sound Test Hold down the L and R buttons while pushing reset on the system.

Faster Spells

When you are in a battle and use magic from either your Magician or Cleric (or any other char that takes a long time to do a spell) press the item button and stay on the menu for around 3 sec. When you go back to the battle, your character will use the magic without the waiting time.