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Generally speaking, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is known for making the Yakuza series, which is called the Ryu Ga Gotoku series in Japan. However, it is interesting to note that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio makes other games as well, with an excellent example being the action-adventure game Judgment in 2018. Now, it has been revealed that Judgment will be getting a sequel called Lost Judgment for the PS4, PS5, the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series.





For those who are curious, Lost Judgment will continue to be centered on the lawyer-turned-detective Yagami Takayuki, who will be investigating a gruesome murder. This time, the game will include not just Kamurocho but also Isezaki Ijincho, with the latter including a high school that the protagonist will have to go undercover at in order to find out exactly what happened. Besides this, there have been promises of improvements to everything from the combat system to the stealth system.

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