Creature in the Well Cheats

Creature in the Well Cheats

P.F.s Thinking Cap A.K.A 215,000 energy door

If you don’t drop through the hole in the floor and spend the time to gain enough energy in the first section of the mountain you can open the super expensive door in the timed room. Going through it and solving a couple other puzzles earns you a cosmetic that that also gives you the “Dual-Swords” ability and seems required to 100% this game. (I beat it with all the other collectables on a separate file and only had 99%.) There doesnt seem to be a way to get back on top if the mountain, so if you want this you’ll have to do it before dropping through the hole into the main town.

The Bot-C Helmet and Lost Garment

At the beginning of the game, you’ll encounter a door that seems to be impossible to get through, asking for over 200k power to unlock. It seems that the door is unreachable after the tutorial in this section.

However, you can get back to this initial cave by exiting the town into the desert. Gather at least 215,203 power and then carefully follow the trail of rocks, first to the west, then sort of southwest. If you go too far off the path, you’ll be warped back to town.

At the edge of a rocky outcropping, you’ll find the LOST GARMENT, one of the capes. Walk past that garment, under the rock. You’ll have to stumble around without visual help, but you’ll come out the other side eventually. You should spot the wooden poles from the opening of the game. Follow them back to that first area and try your luck at a few tricky rooms to get the BOT-C HELMET, an aesthetic pickup with nice flavor text.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Bot-C Helmet From the lost garment, go under the rocks, back into the tutorial dungeon. Spend 215,203 power on the door and complete the rooms.
Lost Garment Walk west and then southwest out into the desert, following the rocks