Dragon Quest Builders Cheats


Dragon Quest Builders Cheats


Terra Incognita Unlockables

Similar to the PS4 release, the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders rewards players with additional craftable items/equipment in the Terra Incognita map available after completing Chapter 1. However, the Speedrun requirements from the PS4 (complete X Chapter within X days) has been replaced with a Different Items Obtained count requirement (viewable from you Status in the Main Menu), allowing a much more leisurely play through in which obtaining all unlockables in on go is MUCH easier.

Unlockable How to Unlock
[Item/Equipment] Display Stands Chapter 1: Defeat the three dragons.
Builder’s Workbench and Machinist’s Workbench Chapter Final: Build your base to level 4.
Costume Set Chapter 1: Build a Cantlin Garden.
Erdrick’s Legendary Items and Gear Chapter Final: Collect 200 different types of items.
Featherwear Footfall Accessory (No Fall Damage) Chapter 1: Repair the hammerhood’s graveyard.
Flame Blade Chapter 1: Collect 150 different types of items.
Forbidden Furniture Chapter 3: Defeat all the boss trolls and gigantes.
Forbidden Gear Chapter Final: Find the sword of ruin.
Gourmand’s Girdle Accessory (Hunger stops) Chapter 2: Collect 200 different types of items.
Hot Water Crystal Chapter 3: Complete the spectacular spa blueprint.
Lyres of Slime Immemorial (For all modes, not just Terra Incognita; Changes all BMGs to 8-bit Chiptune when placed and activated.) Chapter 3: Discover the recipe for the lyre of slime immemorial.
Meteorite Bracer Accessory (Run Faster) Chapter 2: Complete all of Thalamus’s puzzles.
Novelty Items Chapter Final: Show a verdant vision to a certain someone.
Ring of Criticality Accessory Chapter Final: Defeat the Dragonlord without wearing the legendary armour.
Roofing Tiles set Chapter 2: Repair the ruined roof.
Special Blocks (Hardwood and Timbered) Chapter 3: Build your base to level 5.
Stone Furniture Chapter 1: Build you base to level 5.
Talaria Accessory (Double Jump) Chapter 3: Collect 200 different types of items.
Water Crystal Chapter 2: Obtain the crown goowels
Wood Furniture Chapter 2: Build your base to level 5.


Easy points for leveling up your base

When you have leveled up your base, remove all of the doors to all of your rooms. Then replace the doors. It will then add the rooms’ point total towards the new level, resulting in free points without you having to build new room’s.