Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cheats and Tips


What Is Hood: Outlaws & Legends? (Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cheats and Tips)

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a PvPvE title that has been released for the PC as well as various consoles. For those who are curious, each match has two teams competing to steal the treasure stored in a keep before their rivals. Given the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Hood was inspired by Robin Hood, though it isn’t set in either a specific time or a specific place.

What Are Some Tips For Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Keep these tips in mind:





Avoid Triggering the Alarm (Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cheats and Tips)

It can’t be emphasized enough that players should avoid triggering the alarm. To an extent, this is because this will lock the doors as well as send in state reinforcements. However, the single biggest problem is that triggering the alarm will reveal their location to their rivals, which tends to be much more dangerous. After all, human rivals are much smarter than computer-controlled enemies. As such, it is much better to go slow and steady rather than fast and reckless in this game.

Tag Your Enemies (Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals should tag their enemies whenever the chance comes up. By doing so, they can monitor the tagged characters’ movements, which will be extremely useful for guiding their own movements. This is particularly true when human rivals are also choosing to remain stealthy.

Getting to the Chest Is the Easier Part (Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cheats and Tips)

One can make an argument that getting to the chest is the easier part. This is because getting away with the chest would be the harder part, seeing as how at least one of the team members will be occupied with carrying it. There can be situations in which interested individuals should abandon all attempts at stealth before making an open run for it. However, remaining stealthy will still be the better course of action under most circumstances. Keep a watchful eye on tagged enemies for would-be ambushers, whether to avoid them or to counter-ambush them.

You Want to Take Out Your Rivals From Stealth

Speaking of which, interested individuals should strive to take out their rivals from stealth. Primarily, this is because a stealth kill provides the target with no chance to retaliate. However, there are other bonuses such as remaining stealthy and reaping more experience. Meanwhile, an open fight can trigger the alarm, which will be a serious problem for both sides.

Be Careful of Your Rivals Using the Paths You’ve Created

Some doors can be opened from one side to make it much easier to travel from point to point in the keep. Similarly, it is possible to throw down ropes at certain points for much the same purpose. Interested individuals can make excellent use of the resulting paths. However, they also need to watch out for their enemies doing the same because once they are available, everyone can use them.

Try Attacking As a Group

It is very rare for interested individuals to come upon a situation in which they should engage without their team-mates backing them up. For example, if the player can stealth kill someone who is out on their own, they should take that opportunity. However, if there is someone else in the area, they should call in their team-mates for assistance. Under ideal circumstances, each team-mate will be able to move to the perfect position for their player-character before everyone springing the ambush all at once.