Skate City Cheats and Tips


What Is Skate City? (Skate City Cheats and Tips)

Skate City is a skateboarding game that has been released for a number of platforms. Interested individuals might want to check it out, particularly if they are in the mood for something more laid-back than a lot of its counterparts.

What Are Some Tips For Skate City?

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There Are Two Modes (Skate City Cheats and Tips)

There are two modes that can be found in Skate City. One would be Endless Skate, in which interested individuals can skate however they want for as long as they want. However, it should be mentioned that there are challenges, which can provide them with something to work towards. Meanwhile, the other would be Challenge mode, which tasks interested individuals with completing the titular challenges in various parts of the levels. Generally speaking, a new player should start out with the tutorial. After which, they should spend some time familiarizing themselves with the various systems in Endless Skate before jumping into Challenge mode once they think they are up to the task.

Get Every Star (Skate City Cheats and Tips)

Each challenge has three stars. Interested individuals can move on to the next challenge by earning one of the three stars. However, that won’t provide them with the full reward for completing the challenge because each star is tied to a part of the full reward. Furthermore, the last star is the most rewarding, meaning that there is extra incentive for interested individuals to do their best. As a rough rule of thumb, interested individuals should do their best to earn the three stars for each challenge until they become frustrated. At which, they should move on to the next challenge before returning at some later point in time. After all, interested individuals are honing a single set of skills in Skate City. Thanks to this, building up experience with one challenge should help them out with another challenge. However, time will also relieve interested individuals of their frustration, thus restoring them to the calm state of mind that should provide them with the best chance of success.

There Are Different Kinds of Challenges

Speaking of which, there are different kinds of challenges, meaning that some are easier than others. For example, Callout challenges are some of the simplest because they just need interested individuals to execute the required tricks in a specific order. In contrast, Trick challenges are a bit tougher because they need interested individuals to execute the required tricks in the required locations. As for Race challenges, they are pretty much exactly what they sound like. However, interested individuals also need to earn a certain number of points while winning the race, meaning that they will need to do so while looking as stylish as possible.

Buy Upgrades (Skate City Cheats and Tips)

Completing challenges is important because that results in skate cred, which in turn, can be used to make purchases. Some purchases are cosmetic in nature, which are nice but not necessary. Instead, interested individuals should focus on upgrades for their speed, their spin, their pop, and their balance, which will enable them to perform better than otherwise possible.