Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cheats and Tips


What Is Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Mass Effect is a sci-fi franchise created by Bioware. Generally speaking, it is known for a trilogy of third-person RPG shooters plus an unsuccessful spinoff. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a compilation of the trilogy, which is a bit more than a remaster but still far from being a remake.

What Are Some Tips For Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Choose the Right Class (Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cheats and Tips)

Bioware being Bioware, it should come as no surprise to learn that the player-character’s class has a huge impact on their combat performance. For those who are curious, there are six options, which would be Soldier, Adept, Engineer, Vanguard, Sentinel, and Infiltrator. Soldiers are a simple and straightforward option that can shoot enemies with a wide range of weapons while wearing heavier-than-normal protection. Meanwhile, both Adepts and Engineers are much more limited when it comes to their arms as well as their armor. However, Adepts make up for that by having powerful biotic abilities, while Engineers make up for that by providing support through their tech skills. Vanguards have elements of both Soldiers and Adepts, which they use to enter into close-range combat where they have the advantage. Sentinels aren’t good with any weapon but can use both biotic abilities and tech abilities to back up their team-mates. Infiltrators have cloaking devices that can be used to set up devastating attacks with their sniper rifles.

Use Squad Orders (Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cheats and Tips)

The player-character is important. However, team-mates contribute a lot to combat as well. As such, interested individuals should use squad orders to put them in the right positions as well as use the right abilities at the right times. Something that can be particularly useful if the player-character is pinned in a bad position. Some people might find it bothersome to issue squad orders in the middle of a fire-fight. If so, consider going to options to make adjustments to the way that team-mates will fight for a less controlled but more convenient experience.

Go Either Paragon or Renegade (Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, the Mass Effect trilogy has a morality system in which the player can either go Paragon or go Renegade. They aren’t quite synonyms for good and evil, which is a very common fate for Bioware morality systems. However, Paragon and Renagade can have those vibes. In any case, interested individuals can think of Paragon as being the more diplomatic approach to things and Renegade as being the more direct as well as the more dangerous approach to things. Regardless, they should choose one approach before committing to it because that is what will provide them with the most mechanical benefit. For example, leaning towards Paragon makes Charm available while leaning towards Renegade makes Intimidate available, both of which make more in-theme options available. On top of that, Charm lowers the prices of purchases while Intimidate raises the prices of sales.

Do the Side-Content (Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals should always do the side-content. At the very least, they can expect rewards that can be used to make their characters more capable. However, a lot of side-content can have narrative consequences as well. This is particularly true for that which is tied to party members, which can be accessed by checking in with them on a regular basis.