Fire Emblem Warriors Cheats


Fire Emblem Warriors Cheats


Unlockable characters and skins

The game features unlockable characters and skins. These characters are unlocked through history mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Anna Complete one illustration, and beat an Anna Mission.
Celica Beat Darios in “Together to the End”
Female Robin Beat Female Robin in “Invisible Ties.
Lyn Beat Validar and then Velezark in “Noble Lady of Caelin.
Male Corrin Beat Xander and Ryoma in “The Path Is Yours.



  • Weapon Scrolls

    These are the scrolls that are needed to upgrade the character specific weapons to their full power. Note, that after you get the badge requiring these materials you still need to get 10,000 kills with the weapon before it’s full power is unlocked. With the exception of Marth’s Exalted Falchion, they all appear in rifts that appear after you beat a history map. Some rifts require you to beat every other level in it’s map, and some require you to get full S ranks as well.

    Item Location
    Exalted Falchion Defeat the Real Gharnef in “The Dark Pontifex” (Shadow Dragon’s map”
    Falchion, Siegfried, Brynhildr, Camilla’s Axe Rifts from “The Dark Pontifex” (Shadow Dragon map)
    Lady Sword, Fujin Yumi, Facinna, Enliron Rifts from “Together to the End” (Celica’s map)
    Sol Katti, Moonlight, Raijinto, Spellbane Yumi Rifts from “Noble Lady of Caelin” (Lyn’s map)
    Yato, Hinoka’s Lance, Parallel Falchion Rifts from “Invisible Ties” (Awakening map)