Flipping Death Ghost Cards


Flipping Death Ghost Cards


Ghost Cards

Ghost Cards report informations about life, death and other peculiar facts regarding the characters featured in the game. This cards can be unlocked completing the challenges in each chapter.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Beth the Blacksmith Complete Chapter IV “Nine Hit Wonder” Challenge
Biff Burlington Complete Chapter I “Get off my Lawn” Challenge
Bjorn Grandslam Complete Chapter II “Baby Dropped In” Challenge
Bob Dahlberg Complete Chapter I “Apokealypse” Challenge
Captain Grandslam Complete Chapter II “Ice Cold Killer” Challenge
Crysta the Crab Complete Final Chapter “Save Tina” Challenge
Death Complete Chapter IV “Don’t Fear The Reaper” Challenge
Doctor Brom Complete Chapter V “Under the Sea” Challenge
Doctor Rubert Complete Chapter II “Wheelie Wonder” Challenge
Doctor Tony Laser Complete in order: Chapter V “Lasers through Time” Challenge; Chapter VI “A Laser to the Past” Challenge; Chapter III “Out of Time” Challenge
Fluffy Feet aka Pocus Complete Chapter III “Ghost of Christmas Past” Challenge
George Poorington Complete Chapter I “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Challenge
Gerard Poorington Complete Chapter IV “Jailhouse Baroque” Challenge
Ghoulliot Complete Final Chapter “Save Jenny” Challenge
Harold Schliefenschlufen Complete Chapter VI “Appreciate Art” Challenge
Henry Feebleton aka Hocus Complete Chapter III “Judge, Jury and Hexecutioner” Challenge
Horneo McBlow Complete Chapter VI “Horneo, Oh, Horneo” Challenge
Lady Elderdough Complete Chapter I “Marching Band” Challenge
Lou Jensen Complete Chapter III “Firewatch” Challenge
Luke Von Fries Complete Chapter VI “La Polpetta Origins” Challenge
Mama Wolf Complete Chapter VI “A Wolf among Us” Challenge
Maria Mermaid Complete Chapter III “Sinking of the Fishes” Challenge
Meatball Complete Chapter II “Cake Muncher” Challenge
Mombot Complete Chapter V “Fly Swatter” Challenge
Moonshine Andersson Complete Chapter V “Moonshine Finds the Holy Spirits” Challenge
Queen Quantibleen Complete Chapter V “There is no Cow Challenge” Challenge
Ray Doewood Complete Final Chapter “Save Meatball” Challenge
Regan Appelgriebsch Complete Final Chapter “Save Leuk” Challenge
Ronald Robsome Complete Chapter V “Blue Screen Shoes” Challenge
Sir Bragalot and Squire Complete Chapter II “Sharing the Birden” Challenge
Skipper Blackstone Complete Chapter I “Granny Prix” Challenge
Tina Robsome Complete Chapter III “Earning your Wings” Challenge
Vera Vermin Complete Chapter IV “Blaze of Glory” Challenge
Willa Complete Final Chapter “Save Priest” Challenge


Chapter III Bonus Challenge

Chapter III “Out of Time” Challenge is added after beating the game.
You have to replay the chapter to complete this challenge and ending the hunt for Doctor Laser and unlock his card.