Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Cheats


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Cheats


Boss Rush

Clear Special Missions 1-6 in order to unlock the Boss Rush, where you’ll face each of the game’s bosses back-to-back.

Special Missions 1-6

Clear the final stage of the game to unlock Special Missions. These stages are half the length of a normal stage, either the 1st or 2nd segment of the main stage they’re based on, but the enemy placements have been changed to make them more difficult, and the bosses have been powered up and had their EX Weapon weaknesses removed.

Title Screen ‘X’ mark and VS Missions

By completing various tasks in the game you’ll receive fragments on an ‘X’ mark on the Title Screen (similar to the Bonus Panels found in the stages). Collecting all 4 fragments will unlock VS Missions, where you can battle each of the game’s bosses individually, without any stage beforehand

Unlockable How to Unlock
1st ‘X’ fragment Clear the main game
2nd ‘X’ fragment Collect all of the Bonus Panels
3rd ‘X’ fragment Clear Boss Rush
4th ‘X’ fragment Clear every stage in Score Attack mode (including Boss Rush)

EX Bosses in VS Missions

After completing the X emblem on the title screen, you unlock VS Missions, which are stages with only a boss fight. There is a VS Mission for every main boss. However, there is an additional secret within VS Missions. By holding both trigger buttons (ZL and ZR) prior to selecting the “Engage” button in the VS Mission, the boss fight of that mission is switched to its EX Version. This method is the only way you can fight the EX versions of the Lola Tank and Butterfly Effect (however, aside from the removal of weaknesses, little seems to be changed in these particular fights), switches Blade’s VS Mission to the third fight instead of the second, and allows you to fight Demerzel EX without needing to go through the Boss Rush stage.
This also works in Score Attack Mode.

Kohaku’s outfits

By playing on, or setting your Nintendo Switch’s calendar to certain dates you can unlock different outfits for Kohaku.

January 1st – Kimono
October 31- Devil costume
December 25 – Christmas outfit