Hotshot Racing Cheats


Hotshot Racing Cheats


Unlockable Car Parts

Each car can be customized with various parts which need to be unlocked. Each part for each car must be unlocked in the car for which you wish to customize.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Hood Blower 2 Boost 10 times in a single race.
Hood Blower 3 Boost 100 times total.
Skin 2 Drift for a total of 250 seconds.
Skin 3 Win a GP.
Spoiler 2 Drift 20 times total.
Spoiler 3 Drift 300 times total.

Unlockable Palettes

Each car has three palettes, with two being unlockable through challenges while racing. Each palette must be unlocked using the car for which the palette exists.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Palette 2 Drift for five seconds in a single drift in any race, excluding Time Trial.
Palette 3 Drift for a total of 500 seconds