Ittle Dew 2+ Cheats


Ittle Dew 2+ Cheats


Frogmode (hardmode)

On the name entry screen, enter your name as “frogmode”.
When starting the game, Ittle will be replaced with a frog and start with only one heart instead of five. This is effectively hard mode.
This also changes cutscenes, “Ittle” will have no dialogue and occasionally says nihilistic things instead.

Effect Password
Play as a “frog”, start with 1 heart frogmode


[SECRET SPOILER] Unlock super secret zone: The Promised Remedy

Throughout Ittle dew 2, you can find secrets, and some secrets have even more secrets inside them. This secret is for players who really want to 100% the game and fight a TOP SECRET ULTRA POWERFUL BOSS. This boss fight has NO bearing on achievements or the plot of the game and can be entirely passed over without changing your game experience or missing out. However you need an item from the secret final dungeon of the game BEFORE this to even DAMAGE the boss. Hence the spoiler warning.

Warning aside: To unlock “The Promised Remedy”, you must find every Box of Crayons in the game. You have to have maximum HP Capacity. This means findinc every Secret Shard, doing secret cave after secret cave, clearing every main dungeon.. everything. You have to have all 4 Forbidden Keys and have the Final Item from the Tomb of Simulacrum: The Explosive Flaming Chainsaw Shotgun. This is the ONLY thing in the game that damages the boss of The Promised Remedy.

Assuming you have done all the dungeons, all the secrets, all the hearts, and have the EFCS, you must go to the Frozen Court. There’s two portal worlds in that area. The one we need is “Lost City of Avalopp”. You’ll know it when you see it. It resembles a sewer with green tentacles throwing snot balls at you. In one of the rooms, there is a cracked wall on the lower left. Hit it with your Melee weapon and enter. There will be a Hexrot there chanting at an altar in front of a picture of a potato with a smiley face. In this room there are 2 more breakable walls. Directly south of the entrance of the room which opens up a secret tunnel, and one at the end of that tunnel. Once you’re through, you’ll be past the wall and in the same room as the chanting Hexrot.

REMINDER: You must have EVERY heart available. You’ll know you’re done when the last heart on your life gauge has a smiley face on it.

Now what you must do is stand in between the painting of the potato and the altar. For SEVEN real-time minutes. Do not move. Do not tab out if you’re on PC. Do not pause. Nothing. Just let the game run. For 7 real time minutes. It is incredibly dull but just wait. I recommend playing a mobile game to kill the time.

After you’ve sat there for 7 minutes of listening to the magic carrot wizard man chant at a potato, you’ll be warped into the secret zone “The Promised Remedy”. There’s no enemies here. No puzzles. Just a creepy dungeon with the secret hardest boss in Ittle Dew 2. He cannot be damaged by anything other than the EFCS you got in the Tomb of Simulacrum. You will have to be pretty good with the Dodge button.

Good Luck, Adventuring Addict. Have a health potion when you’re done.

Jenny Berry Costume for Ittle

Name your save “jennyberry” (without the quotation marks) and you will start the game as a Jenny Berry from Ittle Dew 1! This will also turn Tippsie into a flying ice cream cone.