Mutant Mudds Collection Cheats


Mutant Mudds Collection Cheats


Mutant Mudds Deluxe Cheats


  • Hidden Characters

    There are Hidden Characters located in several of the Ghost Zone stages. You’ll need Grannie to be able to get to them. Once you rescue them just clear the stage and then you’ll be able to choose them from the character select at the Title Screen (they all play the same as Grannie).

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Hidden Character 1 Ghost Zone 1-1. Boost straight up from the start to find him
    Hidden Character 2 Ghost Zone 2-1. Boost above the first Checkpoint to find him
    Hidden Character 3 Ghost Zone 3-1. Boost upwards as soon as you are out of the narrow path
    Hidden Character 4 Ghost Zone 4-4. Boost upwards at the start to find him.


Mutant Mudds Deluxe Unlockables

Unlockable How to Unlock
Moon Levels Beat first 16 standard levels to unlock the jump pad to the moon levels
Play as Brown Haired Guy Enter the mirror in the main hub to access the spooky worlds, You Must First Unlock Grannie, then go to spooky world 3-1 and find the hidden character
Play as Grannie Collect all Water Sprites and Golden Diamonds in the normal worlds
Power Ups Unlock in Grannie’s Attic by collecting gold diamonds