Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix Cheats


Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix Cheats


Quickly Getting Slime Tokens

Want to buy more parts for your vehicles, but don’t feel like grinding through a bunch of long races to get the Slime Tokens you need? One quick way of getting them involves a particular Challenge in the Challenges mode!

In Challenge mode World 6, select the “Racing Day Is A Very Dangerous Day” Challenge. The Challenge requirement involves “Beating the time limit without touching any walls or rough terrain”, meaning the Challenge will automatically end as soon as you touch any bit of off-road. Well, you’re going to be doing just that!

You will automatically be given Rocko to play as, with the vehicle select screen popping up. Give Rocko whichever vehicle parts you have available with the best Top Speed and Steering ratio, since you’ll want to be constantly making hard left turns ASAP for this trick. All you have to do from here is just steer your vehicle to the sidewalk on the left of the road as soon as the race begins, causing the Challenge to end, bringing you to a “Challenge Failed” screen. Don’t worry, though! This is the good part! Apparently, in this game, you’ll get 10 complimentary Slime Tokens even after FAILING a Challenge!

From this point on, just go nuts. All you’ll need is some patience and about half an hour to kill. Hit the “Restart” button every time the “Challenge Failed” prompt shows up and just keep repeating this process, until you feel like stopping, to grind for as many Slime Tokens as you like.

This trick also works for “Bow Wow Wow” in World 4 and “Don’t Disturb The Spirits” in World 5. You are respectively forced to play as Catdog and Korra for these Challenges, though, and their Top Speed stats are both slightly lower than Rocko’s, making these two Challenges take slightly more time.