REKT! Cheat Codes


REKT! Cheat Codes


Secret Menu Codes

Go to settings and find the button that says ‘codes’. Enter a code and press E to apply it. If it works you should see it’s name flash in the top-right corner. To reset all cheat codes press the R.

Effect Password
Bigwheels 1986
Bouncy suspension 1966
Cinematic camera when jumping 1929
Get coins 120701
Moongravity 1969
No damage 2000
Pixelize 1990
Play in night mode 0300
Unlock the Bowl 011567
Unlock the City 630023
Unlock the Cyberduck 20772003
Unlock the hoverboard 102115
Unlock the rainbow wheels 1705
Weird font 1977



Makes the stadium lights change color in a rainbow like fashion. To activate input the number “7”


Unlock the Christmas theme – 1225
Also by collecting ten presents gets you the “sled” car