King of Seas Cheats and Tips


What Is King of Seas? (King of Seas Cheats and Tips)

King of Seas is a pirate-themed action RPG. It is interesting in that its world is procedurally-generated, thus providing interested individuals with more replayability than otherwise possible.

What Are Some Tips For King of Seas?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Be Careful of the Weather (King of Seas Cheats and Tips)

The sea is often characterized as something terrifying for excellent reasons. As such, interested individuals should keep a watchful eye on the dynamic weather in King of Seas. A good wind can provide their ship with a huge boost of speed. However, a storm can cause a great deal to damage to even the best-built ship within a matter of moments.

Aim Where the Target Will Be (King of Seas Cheats and Tips)

Cannonballs have travel time. Due to this, interested individuals should aim at where their target will be rather than where their target is at the moment. Of course, the distance between the two ships changes the distance that will have to be traveled, which is one more factor that interested individuals should take into consideration.

You Want to Bring the Most Guns to Bear (King of Seas Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, interested individuals should seek to engage their enemies in a manner that maximizes the number of guns available to them and minimizes the number of guns available to their enemies. After all, this will enable them to do more damage at a faster rate than otherwise possible while also avoiding as much damage as possible. Fortunately, it shouldn’t take too long for interested individuals to figure out where everyone’s guns are situated, which should inform the way that they choose to engage their target.

Some Capabilities Are More Useful Than Others

Naturally, interested individuals should experiment with the full range of skills and weapons in King of Seas to see which one suits them the most. Having said that, there are some weapons that tend to be better than others. For example, there isn’t much difference between Explosive Barrel and Deadly Wave because both of them do damage to something situated behind the player. In contrast, Pirate Party tends to be more useful than either of them because it does constant, area-of-effect damage for a short period of time, thus making it more powerful as well as more versatile. Meanwhile, both Ethereal Navigation and Seagull Army are very useful for just about everyone in just about every situation. In the first case, this is because Ethereal Navigation increases their speed, thus making it great for not just traveling from place to place but also for maneuvering in the middle of ship-to-ship combat. As for the second case, Seagull Army can be deployed to prevent projectile damage for a short duration, thus making it invaluable for any kind of ship-to-ship combat.