Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 1 Cheats


Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 1 Cheats


Basketball Cheats


  • Control the Computer

    Simply use Joystick 2 to fully control the computer opponent.


Combat Cheats


  • Turbo Tank

    Effect Code
    Turbo Tank Plug in the paddle controllers. Now, press both buttons, and your tank will speed up

Glitch: Tank Switch

Select game 9 and start the game like normal. Then rotate the tank that is on the right 180º, then fire. If it’s done correctly, both of the tanks should switch positions.

Glitch: Teleporting Shot

Place your tank just to the right of the top left corner and fire into that corner. The shot will leave the screen and re-appear from the top right corner.


Fatal Run Cheats


  • Passwords

    To enter the passwords, select “Resume” from the title screen, then input the desired password.

    Effect Password
    Fifth Checkpoint TC1LE
    Final Checkpoint TC1LE9H
    First Checkpoint T
    Fourth Checkpoint TC1L
    Second Checkpoint TC
    Sixth Checkpoint TC1LE9
    Third Checkpoint TC1

Skip to final level

Enter this in the main password screen off the main menu.

Effect Password
Skip to final level TURTLE


Yars’ Revenge Cheats


  • See the programmer’s credit

    Defeat the Swirl in mid-air, then move Yar over to a place where the spot on its back is aligned vertically along with the black streak.

    The initials ”HSWWSH” should appear on the screen to represent programmer Howard Scott Warshaw.