Flowing Lights Cheats and Tips


What Is Flowing Lights? (Flowing Lights Cheats and Tips)

Flowing Lights is a retro-style shooter that takes inspiration from arcade classics. However, it is interesting to note that it incorporates puzzle elements, meaning that interested individuals should be prepared to think through their problems.

What Are Some Tips For Flowing Lights?

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The Name Is Very Appropriate (Flowing Lights Cheats and Tips)

The name of Flowing Lights is very appropriate. Simply put, the projectiles might look like light. However, they move in a manner that is very much reminiscent of flowing water. As such, interested individuals should adjust their expectations when working through the fights in Flowing Lights. Otherwise, they run a real risk of running right into projectiles moving in a way that they didn’t expect.

Be Prepared to Move (Flowing Lights Cheats and Tips)

As mentioned earlier, Flowing Lights incorporates puzzle elements. Thanks to this, there will be times when interested individuals have to think about how they are going to move as well as how they are going to shoot in order to make their way through a particular obstacle. Even so, they should remain ready to move because their enemies won’t necessarily give them the luxury of uninterrupted luxury. This makes solving the puzzles more challenging. However, this is also one of the things that make Flowing Lights interesting.

Enemies Can Sometimes Be Used to Block Projectiles

Sometimes, enemies can be used to block projectiles, which can be very important when those projectiles are coming in the form of streams rather than singular blobs. Simply put, launching the enemies into those streams will block them for a moment, thus creating small openings that will enable further progress. Of course, interested individuals will need to aim these enemies with great care, particularly since they can expect to come upon sections protected by multiple streams rather than just the one stream.

Avoiding Projectiles Isn’t Always the Right Solution

There will be times when Flowing Lights resembles a bullet hell. Avoiding bullets is a major component of bullet hells, so bullet hell veterans might be tempted to head right into the danger zone. However, it is important to remember that Flowing Lights has puzzle elements, meaning that the whole situation might be avoidable by pulling off a well-aimed curve shot at the source of the incoming projectiles. In other words, interested individuals should look to fight smarter rather than harder.

Combo, Combo, Combo (Flowing Lights Cheats and Tips)

Completing a level is the first step. After that, interested individuals can get higher and higher rankings by putting on better and better performances. If they want to get the best rankings possible, they are going to need to combo everything that they come upon. Fortunately, experience will enable them to memorize the challenges awaiting them, thus enabling them to go in with solid plans rather than haphazard improvisations.