Clea Cheats


Clea Cheats


Invisible & Arcade Modes

Clear the game once.


True ending

All of the 3 secret events must be completed…

Florine: In chapter 2 solve the 2nd painting puzzle to access Florine’s key, the code is located in the storage room with the 2 dead maids. After getting the key from the main hall go back to the chapter 1 area to unlock the purple door.

Edmond: In chapter 4, go past the royal door till you reach the wall and find a hidden key. Go back to the siblings rooms and unlock the door with the bear logo.

Mum: In chapter 5 press the switch from the right side of the door that goes to chapter 6, then go back through the red door to find an unlocked cell with a royal key. Go back to the chapter 4 area to unlock the royal room.

After the events are completed finish the final chapter and choose to run into the forest.