Dead Rising 3 Cheats


Dead Rising 3 Cheats


Unlimited levelling time in starting area

If the game is partially installed, then the mission “Explore while Rhonda is busy..” will not end until the installation is completed, and no game time passes during it. So if you start the game from partial install and then unplug or disconnect your internet connection, you can level and grab combo items in the initial area for as long as you like without using up any game time.


Megaman X Costume and Buster

To unlock the Megaman X Costume, beat the game with S Rank/Ending. To unlock the Megaman X Buster, beat the game in nightmare mode with S Rank/Ending.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Megaman X Buster Beat the game with S Rank/Ending in Nightmare Mode
Megaman X Costume Beat the game with S Rank/Ending