Elden Ring Trailer


Watch Elden Ring Trailer

Elden Ring is a much-discussed title. In part, this is because it is the next release from FromSoftware, which was responsible for the influential Souls series. However, it should be mentioned that Elden Ring is supposed to have the involvement of George R.R. Martin, who wrote the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Unfortunately, not much information had been revealed about it, which stymied the conversation. Something that has now changed.





In short, Elden Ring is set to be released for the PC, the PS4, the PS5, the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X on January 21 of 2022. Gameplay-wise, it promises the same kind of content as its predecessors. However, it seems safe to say that Elden Ring will be an improvement, not least because that has been promised as one of the goals for the game by the game developers. Certainly, it is interesting to note that it has mounts, which were never included in the Souls series.

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